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Explore The Magic Of Anarkali Dress: 5 Reasons Why Anarkali Is A Must-Have In Your Wardrobe

Anarkali Dress

Having that feminine urge to appear stunning in something traditional, contemporary and, for sure, a trendsetter? You can surely pull that look easily now with an Anarkali outfit. If one feminine outfit style has captured hearts throughout the ages, even until today, it has to be the Anarkali outfit.

With its elegant flair and graceful allure, the Anakrali has been a hit choice among females and is found in every fashion icon’s wardrobe. It is not just an outfit style but surely an emotion to express your inner fashionista in a truly trendy way. Be it any celebratory occasion, you can ace it easily with an Anarkali dress and flaunt your feminine grace in style.

If you are in a dilemma about whether an Anarkali will suit your occasion, or would it be the best choice? Here’s the answer- It surely will! Anarkali has always been a timeless fashion fusion where tradition meets style and has always been a show stealer.

Reasons Why an Anarkali Dress is a Must in Every Female Wardrobe

  • Makes You Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Anarkali outfits are surely here to make heads turn in awe when you walk through any room. The Anarkalis make you look gorgeous as they come in various ethnic and delicate patterns that bring out your style quotient well. These outfits are specially embellished with unique designs and embroidery that cling to your body perfectly.

Tapering towards your waist, followed by a graceful flare that grazes the floor delicately, best defines an Anarkali outfit’s beauty. With its overall beauty, the Anarkali brings out confidence in you, adding to your charm and inexplicable radiance.

  • Adds a Touch of Royal Essence

If you want that princess look or a touch of royalty to your wardrobe, then it’s time to get yourself a suitable Anarkali outfit. Be it any festivity, celebration, or customary high-octane occasion, Anarkalis have always ruled hearts with exquisite designs that include floor-touching dynamic fabrics. Be it chiffon, cotton or viscose fabric, Anarkali blends well with any fabric type and always offers a royal look.

  • Unique Combo of Classic and Contemporary

Often we land up at celebrations that demand a fine line between something conventional and classic, yet modern. An Anarkali dress is the aptest for such situations and is perfectly designed to suit any occasion.

Thus, you may go for traditionally patterned ethnic Anarkali outfits that are elegant on the embroidery. It’s a welcome fusion where tradition meets present-age fashion. Also, you can opt for the indo-western look with flared traditional Anarkali fused with narrow-bottom pants or palazzos!

  • Feels Comfortable to Carry

The fabrics used to design an Anarkali outfit range from beautiful chiffon and georgettes to silk and cotton. The wide range of fabrics empowers you to pick up your comfortable wear and helps you to carry them effortlessly.

If you want to forego the hassle of a traditional ‘dupatta,’ Anarkalis are available with a suitable combo of jackets and flowy capes. Designers, influencers and fashion enthusiasts have left no stone unturned to make carrying an Anarkali dress a cakewalk.

  • Always in Fashion

Anarkalis have been around for ages and are believed to be named after a fictional historical character from the Mughal era, Anarkali. You can, thus, just imagine the grandeur and class of this legendary outfit style.

With varied alterations in how an Anarkali outfit can be styled, the way it is worn today differs from the original. Anarkalis have, thus, always carried the legacy of fashion and will continue to do, irrespective of any time. This makes them timeless and a must-have in every fashion-loving female wardrobe.

Tips to Accessorise Your Anarkali Look

If you want to dazzle and steal the show with your Anarkali look, here are a few tips for achieving that:

  • Match Up With Varied Earring Styles

When accessorising your look with an Anarkali dress, you can opt for various earring styles ranging from heavy hoops to Chandbali earrings or intricate jhumkas. They bring out the best ethnic look.

  • Use Apt Neckpieces

You can use signature neckpieces, studded chokers, or even elegant pendants that match with an Anarkali, enhancing its grace. It will surely give that modern yet traditional vibe.

  • Spice Up with Elegant Footwear

When completing your look with an Anarkali, try spicing it up with suitable footwear. Based on the style of your Anarkali outfit, you can combine it with stylish strappy heels, wedges or even delicate mojaris.

How to Choose That One ‘Perfect Anarkali Dress’ for You?

If you are considering to go for Anarkali shopping and feeling confused about how to hand-pick the best one, here are a few suggestions:

  • Choose an Anarkali pattern that suits your personality well. Depending on your height and comfort level, you may opt for a patterned or layered Anarkali outfit.

  • While selecting the right Anarkali outfit, consider your style mantra. Some outfits belong to the asymmetric or modest styles, while others include floor-touch, princess, and bossy-chic styles. Gauge your style and then shop.

  • Choose the right fabric, as not every garment may suit your skin. You can opt for beautiful georgettes, royal embroideries, or contemporary fabrics that are gentle on your skin.

  • Finally, the most important thing to consider is the colour of your Anarkali dress. Select a hue that best suits your skin tone and personality. Also, most importantly makes you feel flattered and comfortable in your skin.


Anarkali outfits are, thus, a must-have in your wardrobe as they elevate your style and fashion mantra. Be it the comfort of the fabric, or unique patterns, Anarkalis have always had a regal look with a touch of grace. These outfits cling to you beautifully and add a perfect shine to your personality. An Anarkali dress has, thus, been on the wishlist of every fashion-loving female.

With the added advantage of being a go-to choice for comfort and fashion, Anarkalis provide an authentic elegance and a happy vibe to any occasion. So, if you are still looking for an outfit that styles up your wardrobe really well, a beautifully designed Anarkali outfit is the way to go.

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