Internet of Things

Explore a new world using the Internet of Things

new world using the Internet of Things

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IoT has many different benefits

Today, almost any object can be turned into a smart device connected to the internet, making it a part of the IoT. Connecting different devices to the internet enable them to communicate with each other, which adds a level of digital intelligence to the device. Ultimately, this means that the world around us is becoming more digital, intelligent, and responsive.

Perhaps you are wondering which object can be part of the IoT? There are almost limitless possibilities to turn objects into IoT devices as long they can be connected to the internet and provide information.

IoT is primarily used for objects that usually would not have an internet connection, which does not require any human interaction to communicate with the network.

This means that PC’s and smartphones are usually not considered to be IoT devices.

A smart thermostat in your home or a lightbulb controlled using an app on your smartphone is considered IoT devices. It is not only small everyday objects that are part of the IoT – it is rapidly becoming used to create advanced, “Smart Cities” with sensors and other smart devices that enable a new efficient, controlled environment.

New business opportunities with IoT and 5G

The launch of 5G is vital for IoT, and this new generation of cellular communications will help expand IoT even further. Overall, 5G provides an increase in performance, connection speed and reliability, which is essential for IoT.

IoT and its success are primarily dependent on network speed and reliability: the network transfer speed and security of devices is important. 5G provides this increase in data transfer speeds enabling speedier communication. This is essential for many industries such as logistics, transportation, retail, health care, energy and telecommunications.

Furthermore, 5G will operate more reliably and having a stable connection is very important as every IoT device depends on real-time updates. Security measures such as CCTV cameras and intelligent locks depend likewise on a reliable connection.

Generally, good performance, high-speed connectivity and a reliable connection are critical aspects of IoT and its further expansion. Another advantage of 5G that will help IoT is its reduced latency which is the delay it takes for a signal to travel from one point to another.

5G provides organisations with an entirely new set of opportunities to grow their business and to integrate IoT even further.

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