Exploration on the Heavyweight Project of Web3.0: DCFS Public Chain and DCC Token Value

With the launch of the DCC million airdrop program, DCFS project market heat is rising. It is reported that DCFS distributed cloud computing together with distributed file storage and distributed file distribution are the three components of Web 3.0. What is DCFS? What’s the vision of it? What is the development process? What is the DCFS economic model like? The following content of this article will take you to explore more.

What is DCFS?

DCFS is a distributed computing file system, a public chain of computing power infrastructure developed based on blockchain technology. It classifies computer resources from the perspective of computing power, and connects to a platform in a looser mode. At the same time, it uses blockchain technology to ensure the reliability of data, so as to solve the problem of small and medium-sized computing resources scheduling in the whole network.

Vision of DCFS

DCFS plans to create a high-performance computing network with cost-efficiency, low delay, high density, wide coverage, flexibility, security, unlimited expandable capacity, and anyone who has access to the Internet can use it. Compared with centralized computing, DCFS can better meet the growing data computing needs of individuals and enterprises with its advantages of high efficiency, high fault tolerance and low cost.

Development of DCFS

Since 2016, DCFS has been preparing at the public chain track. In 2020, the Foundation Team of DCFS was established, aiming to serve the common public chain and build a global distributed computing network ecosystem. The DCFS White Paper was published in 2021 and the test chain and DeFi mining/decentralized exchange will be launched shortly, in preparation for the formal launch of the public chain and the development of more ecological applications on the chain.

Incentive Layer of DCFS – DCC

The token of the DCFS public chain is Distributed Computing Coin, referred to as “DCC”, which is a decentralized blockchain digital asset issued by DCFS and is a DEP20 standard token based on the DCFS blockchain. DCC, as the only Token of DCFS, issued a constant total of 500 million. Wherein, 1% to the DCFS Operations Management Team, 1% to Airdrop Reward, 2% to Community Incentives, 12% to DEFI Fund Pool, 20% to Ecological Construction, 5% to DCFS Foundation, 5% to DCFS Joint Lab, 54% to hash power mining reward.

Future Value of DCC

As more and more ecological applications are born on the DCFS chain, the demand for DCC purchased in official trading channels will increase (since DCC is the Token), resulting in demand larger than supply, thus, the price of DCC will increase.

Let’s put it in a simpler way, the more nodes are deployed, the more applications/institutions are using DCC, the higher the price will be.

How to Get DCC

Some DCC purchase channels are listed below, if you are interested to buy some you’d better buy early when the price is still relatively low.

  1. Participate in DCFS ecological construction and get DCC reward.
  2. Purchase products or participate in platform activities on the Rock Hash platform to receive the corresponding number of DCC rewards.

Rock Hash official website:

  1. Crypto trading on the EToken wallet app

EToken APP download link:

  1. Buy on Token Pocket Wallet

Token Pocket APP download link:

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