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Explicit Beginners Guide to the Customized Fingerboard

If you are based out of the USA then I bet, “you must have learned a few tips and tricks to play with skateboards and collecting its replica – Pro Fingerboard Trucks. If we talk about back then, “1985 to 1990s” these replicas became popular and increased the profits of manufacturers. Presently, fingerboards are not just toys but a sport in itself. Various finger-boarding competitions is organized at every level and promoted by experts.  

But to have a competitive fingerboard, you need to assess the build, material, and size of the fingerboard. Ideally, the standard 34mm fingerboard trucks are appropriate for any trick. Still, if you want a personalized fingerboard, you can customize it online and get it deliver. Whether applying a picture, writing down a quote, or printing other designs, you have multiple ways to customize your fingerboard. 

Choose Appropriate Finger Board 

You can start with any basic or revised fingerboard model if you are still getting familiar with fingerboards. The measurement or other features are pretty basic. Even the exterior of the fingerboard is manufactured with wooden, plastic, paper decks, interchangeable trucks, wheels, and bushes.


You can choose any material as per your level on the fingerboard trucks. In most fingerboards, plastic and wood material is used to manufacture solid structure. Whereas plastic fingerboard is standard and supports certain tricks, wooden fingerboards are manufactured with premium quality plywood, which provides a 5-layer solid surface to the deck and strength to keep the fingerboard stable during tricks.

Deck Width  

If you wonder how a tiny fingerboard will fit your finders, don’t worry. Different sizes of decks are available. The primary rule behind manufacturing fingerboard decks is “slimmer the board, easier to flip.” And if your board has more width, it will offer more support over the fingerboard. If you go by experts, they recommend you to choose a 34mm expansive deck for more grip. 

Deck Concave  

For clarity, concave is “steepness of the fingerboard” and “curves fingerboard has from the center” Here, you can choose to either go for ‘low slope concave or high slope concave depending upon the size I.e., 32mm fingerboard trucks. However, the concave is used to control the fingerboard when you are doing the tricks. This is why starting with high concave is recommended if you are a beginner.  

Wheels of Fingerboard  

Another major part of the fingerboard is the wheels! Ensure that wheels are durable & smooth with material and stable with built. So, starting with CNC-bearing wheels is always recommended if you are a beginner. These wheels work perfectly with soft slides and smooth landings and do not get damaged easily.  

Bottom Graphics   

We recommend you customize your fingerboard and represent your personality on your fingerboard during your match. The top of the fingerboard and the bottom area of the fingerboard can also be the show’s attraction. You can show off your designed bottom fingerboard while showcasing your tricks, fashion play, etc. 

Tips to Customize Your Fingerboard 

You can paint fingerboard trucks with your favourite colour and enhance the Pro Fingerboard Deck’s design.  

You can choose fingerboards or decks for different sizes, like 32mm to 34mm trucks. Else, you can customize the deck separately with a heated source.  

Another versatile way to make your fingerboard shine is “painting screws and bolts in contrast to the trucks.” 


At the end of this article, a few things are cleared in your mind before purchasing your brand-new fingerboard. It’s always possible to start with a sport like a fingerboard. Revisit this article, understand, and learn ways to customize the fingerboard, and here you go!

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