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It should go without saying that without a good GMAT score, you are not likely to secure a seat at your dream business school. As is common in the case of competitive examinations, there are many prep companies that say they can guarantee you a massive improvement in your GMAT score. While some of them are quite reliable, others need to be taken with more than a grain of salt. Separating the wheat from the chaff, in this case, can be quite difficult, but it is a necessary step since GMAT preparation requires a significant investment of time and effort. One company that you can certainly rely on is Experts’ Global, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Let us take a quick look at this firm’s GMAT Online Preparation Program.

GMAT Congruence

The core of Experts’ Global’s online GMAT Preparation is how its practice material manages to capture the essence of the GMAT. Experts’ Global has prepared 4000+ questions for its mock tests and practice program, and all are exceptionally in line with the real GMAT questions, in terms of the conceptual scope, complexity, difficulty, etc. Experts’ Global’s mock tests are also scored by a system remarkably in line with the real GMAT scoring algorithm. The remarkable similarity seen between students’ Experts Global mock scores and official mock scores is evidence that this system is uniquely GMAT-accurate. This represents a major advantage, as a reliable scoring system will help you greatly in keeping track of your progress.

Mock Tests – Volume and Quality

Experts’ Global online GMAT prep includes 15 Full-Length GMAT mock tests, than double what most other test series have. The idea behind this is to encourage students to give practice tests, freely and frequently, without having to worry about running low. Experts’ Global recognizes how necessary frequent test-taking is for building exam strategy and endurance. Of course, these tests are exceptionally GMAT-like in all respects, as explained above.

Video Instructions

Experts’ Global has prepared over 100 crisp, clear, to the point GMAT concept videos that together cover all concepts tested on GMAT. The firm’s mock test series and practice questions also make good use of videos. All questions prepared by Experts’ Global have a corresponding explanation video that provides excellent guidance on the questions that the student got wrong and also provides solutions that are often more efficient than the student’s own, allowing them to improve accuracy and speed. For those who cannot or do not wish to rely on video explanations, there are also ample and detailed text explanations.

Weakness Identification

Experts’ Global has also produced analytics software for use with its practice material that will, after each mock, let you know which areas, in both quant and verbal, you did the best and worst in, allowing you to understand your performance and progress at a very in-depth level. The system also informs you of the average amount of time you spent on each question and can analyze your performance, over a number of tests. Such analysis helps students gain a broader understanding of their weak areas, letting them know where to focus their energies. It is possible, of course, to complete such analysis manually, but to do so at the level the software provides would take far too much of your GMAT prep time.

Ancillary Features

Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Training Module also includes a number of additional features that you will find quite useful. One example of such is the “flag button”, which you can use to mark any question that you think is worthy of another look. This will let you save the questions that you find especially important so that you can return to them at your convenience, thus enabling you to revise the GMAT concepts, in much more depth. One more useful tool is the “sticky notes” feature. The “stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens used for note-making during study sessions. The stickies can then be pinned to your “wall”, making it much easier to keep track of your notes. That they have made the effort to develop such conveniences shows how Experts’ Global takes care to improve every aspect of their students’ GMAT preparation.

Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is meticulously put together. It is very well-paced in how it takes students through GMAT concepts and exam strategy. The excellent conceptual material and comprehensive testing ensure that each student duly understands the intricacies of the GMAT. It is rare to find other GMAT preparation programs that are as comprehensive as this one. If you follow this program closely, you are guaranteed improvement.

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