Expert Guide on Getting Started With Offshore Software Development

The human tendency to help others is the best thing about mankind. When you help others, you help yourself or your business create healthy relationships. “Helping” in the IT sector is called offshoring. When you hire a software developer or agency to develop software, for example, it’s called offshoring.

Of course, offshoring isn’t a selfless or free act, it involves the exchange of money. If you are a brand planning to get into offshore software development, things can be overwhelming in starting. Keep scrolling to understand the best way of getting started with offshore software development. Go, have a read!

Have Clarity About Your Business Needs

The first step in hiring offshore software developer from India or abroad is understanding your business needs. Sit back and create a list of all your project’s needs for your business. This list of requirements should have a thorough explanation of ‘what exactly you want from the outsourcing partners’.

Further, share your determined needs with your shortlisted offshoring partner. If they promise the fulfillment of those needs, you can consider hiring them. On the contrary, skip through those partners who are doubtful about ensuring all your requirements.

Evaluate Your In-house Skillset

There’s a very popular saying that “Outsource your weakness, strengthen your business”. If there are certain aspects or areas in which you aren’t as efficient compared to your competitors’, it’s time to opt for offshoring. Software development is a process which further has various subprocesses.

If you don’t prefer outsourcing the whole development process, you can offshore certain areas of software development. To determine which part of software development you have to outsource, evaluate your in-house experts. Evaluating the ability of your in-house skill sets, helps you find which part of the development process to outsource.

Establish a Detailed Budget Roadmap

Determining your business needs is the first step in offshoring software development. However, there’s step Zero too. It’s the establishment of your budget. Cost is the first concern of many businesses getting started with software development. Set a meeting with your fund managers or accountants and evaluate a budget, depending upon which country you hire software developer from.

Furthermore, establish a budget roadmap, which contains the details of where and how to spend your money. Having a well-determined budget makes it easier to select an offshore partner that fits your pocket. This allows you to avoid wasting your time on offshore partners who indeed cannot comply with your budget. It’s an unrated mistake that most brands make while looking for an offshore partner.

Look into the people behind the brand

Social media is an extremely effective tool. Use it wisely, and keep an eye on how upper management presents themselves online.

When you offshore developers from India, a quick look at their profiles on apps like Linkedin will give you an idea of what kind of software project outsourcing agents you’ll be working with.

Choose Between Individual Developers And Agencies

There are two ways of offshoring software development. Either you can hire independent offshore developers from India or an agency like Websmithsolution. Both of them will benefit your business in different ways. Moreover, the cost of hiring an individual developer or an offshore software development agency varies differently. 

So before starting out your offshore journey, decide which option suits you the best. Moreover, whether you choose an agency or independent developer, make sure to check their reviews. Reviews play an integral role in determining whether your choice of offshore partner is optimal or not.

Final Words

Getting started with Offshore software development might appear complex in the beginning. But if you are prepared beforehand, things can make the process feel seamless and less of a hassle. The above information is highly valuable and will help you get started with offshore software development in the best possible way.

Make sure you read everything carefully and don’t miss anything. Finally, if you find this blog informative and worth your time, don’t mind sharing it with your friends and colleagues. There are chances that your acquaintances might be planning to get into offshoring. By sharing this blog, you can help them get the best possible start. Do good and you’ll get good.


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