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Experienced Employment Consultant Sefla Fuhrman Shares Her Experience

Employment Consultant

Sefla Fuhrman has been teaching and helping to develop the skills of others for over 25 years. She knew from a young age that her caring attitude and inability to quit and focus on real-world results would smash barriers along the way and help to influence every life she touched. Her dedication to her vocation can be seen through both her long list of achievements as well as her academic credentials, as she obtained her Ph.D. in Urban Studies at the University of New Orleans- where she works as a Faculty Instructor in addition to her roles as an Employment and Educational consultant.

She has taken this a step further toward her passion for helping others learn and grow throughout their lives and career. Sefla Fuhrman is adding to her strong accolades by working towards another Masters in Human Rights Law. She believes that through this acquisition, she will continue to gain the knowledge necessary to assist others in achieving their dreams of higher education or even drastic development in their respective vocations.

The Power of Independent Consultation

Sefla Fuhrman realized more than 15 years ago that the best way she can reach many lives is to become an independent consultant so that she is not tethered to the politics or boundaries of a single organization, which may limit the way she conducts business – helping reach people on an individual level. She has held many positions along this pathway of her life, including research associate, creating outreach programs, leading the Women in Concrete Alliance network, assisting with the peace corps in West Africa, and helping to further the education of people from all walks of life that are aiming to achieve more out of their academic experience.

As an avid conversationalist of both French and Spanish,  she picked up the languages through her travels worldwide. Fuhrman attributes much of her outlook on life to her visits to multiple countries for charitable purposes or just out of development and curiosity. Traveling the globe gives perspectives on issues and often entices you to take lessons back to your home and help those in the community around you.

Education and Community Involvement

Sefla Fuhrman believes that her caring personality brought her the ability to touch everyone’s life personally, in and out of the classroom. While her work is focused mostly on career development and academia, she is constantly breaking barriers – specifically by being a member of the Tradeswomen Task Force Committee, which advocates that the stigma around women in blue-collar jobs, such as concrete, is a highly outdated opinion.

When she is not busy enriching the lives of her students, colleagues, and associates, Sefla Fuhrman also continues to give back to the community through charitable and philanthropic efforts. She regularly volunteers her time and resources to the Humane Society and the Youth Rescue Program. Continuously, Sefla Fuhrman donates to local food banks to increase access to nourishment for those without the means to do so.

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