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Experience a successful kitchen renovation with a reliable contractor.


You finally decided to renovate your kitchen after discussing it with your family. Finally, it is time to give your kitchen a new look and a fresh efficiency. But the big question is, who will do the renovation? Of course, you need a professional to do it for you, unless you are in that industry. Ideas have been flooding your mind coming from the internet, magazine, or a showroom. You can buy ceiling tiles or change your tiled floor to stone tiles, and you’ll always see a difference being made to the space. Things like ceiling tiles can make your home instantly transform and you’ll end up with a successful kitchen renovation as a result. It feels really exciting to imagine the outcome of your new kitchen.

Kitchen renovation is not a one-day job. It requires assessment, planning, and building. Without a budget, you will not be able to buy the materials, hire a contractor and pay for the labor. Your budget is the number one consideration when deciding to do a renovation. The kitchen is a vital part of your home that requires a lot of care. For a satisfactory kitchen renovation experience, you need to have a reliable contractor.

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When choosing a reliable contractor you should consider the following.

Right credentials

Any construction company should have the right credentials. They should have a permit to operate. They should also have a work license giving them the authority to do their job. Furthermore, they should also be insured in case a work-related accident happens. These credentials should not just be physically visible in their office but should also be verified.

It is your job as a client to ensure that you will be hiring a contractor that has completed all the government requirements for them to be able to operate.


If0 you know somebody who had a kitchen renovation, you may ask how was their experience with their contractor. Ask your friends, neighbor, relatives, and colleagues for any recommendations they can give you. You can even ask for some proof like pictures of their before and after kitchen layout so you can have a preview of their work. A good review coming from multiple people means that the contractor has provided a satisfying job for countless customers.

You may also view their website and check some reviews or testimonials regarding the outcome of their kitchen renovation. This is also one way of checking their work results.


An experienced contractor has encountered many customers with various concerns. They have already rendered their services to a lot of homes with different kitchen layouts, designs, and outcomes. Since they are experienced, they can offer you a lot of advice and choices when it comes to kitchen renovation decisions.

Furthermore, they have established rapport with a lot of trusted suppliers. This will ensure that the materials used in your kitchen have been proven and tested for their durability. They have enough knowledge of where to purchase quality materials at a good price.

The rule of three

As a speculating customer, you should not just jump on one contractor. Try to find other companies who offer the same services so you can have enough choices. Check their credentials and customer experience. You may also ask for a quotation, so you can compare their rates.

Avoid immediately choosing the contractor with the cheapest rate, although you may be tempted to do it. Scrutinize further their work results, so that every penny you pay is worth it. Kitchen renovation does not have to be ambiguously expensive. You just have to choose wisely to whom you will trust the work to be done, at an accommodating price.


Once you have made your final decision about which contractor you will choose. You may ask for references from their previous clients. Providing this list should not take too long. Once they have provided you with the information you need, you should prepare a list of questions to ask once you contact them. These are the following recommended questions you may ask them.

Were you satisfied with their job?

Were the timeline and budget followed?

Are you going to hire them again?

What problems did you encounter?

How did they address the problem?

Are they open to your request and questions?

If you are satisfied with their answers then you can make your final decision. Avoid choosing a contractor that has too few references or is unwilling to provide them to you.

Request for an estimate

You may request an estimate for your kitchen renovation. The estimate should include the cost, labor, and timeline of the renovation’s completion. This information should be detailed and transparent. Should you have any queries regarding the information provided, do not hesitate to ask them. A good contractor will be able to answer your questions in a professional way that you can fully understand,

Check their portfolio and showroom

Nowadays, it is very easy to view a contractor’s portfolio because of the internet. Go to their website and see if you are satisfied with their work results. Viewing their portfolios gives you some kitchen renovation ideas which you may want to apply to yours. The more positive results you see means they have provided multiple good services. The more designs and layouts they can provide means they can give you various selections to choose from.

Checking their showroom is also one way of checking their work. It is much better to see it for yourself than just viewing it on the computer screen. With the showroom, you can feel the vibe of the kitchen and the materials used personally.

Most contractors who have wide experience have their own showroom. This is an advantage for them to showcase their work, and for you as a customer to be able to view it.

Ask questions

Research some questions you need to ask them. A good contractor will be able to answer hard questions regarding their work. They should be readily available to discuss with you matters about the renovation. Once you see their willingness to accommodate your questions, you can decide if you will hire them.

Your hard-earned money should not be put to waste. Hire a trusted and well-founded contractor. Choose and invest wisely to whom you will entrust your kitchen renovation.Cabinet Makers on the Sunshine Coast.

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