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Expanding EV Wave Open New Frontiers for Players of ASEAN Lead Acid Battery Market

Lead acid batteries have etched out a permanent place in secondary storage technologies. The panoply of devices, both small and big, where lead acid batteries have been used over the past several decades makes these as one of the oldest technologies for a wide range of stationary applications. Automobiles and grid-scale power systems have enormously benefitted from the cost-effectiveness and high service life of lead acid batteries.

The drive for innovations for energy management and in secondary storage devices is propelling the evolution of the ASEAN lead acid battery market. In this regard, new collaborations have kicked off development of advanced designs in the ASEAN lead acid battery market. An example is absorptive glass-mat (AGM) batteries.

New Battery Chemistries and Designs Open Up New Frontiers

The astounding pace of deployment of lead acid batteries in myriad powering applications notwithstanding, technological and designs advancements seem to fall short of expectations. Another major concern for industry players is creating sustainable recycling infrastructure for lead but also for other materials used. A part of the objective is to manufacture lead acid batteries that can ensure the supply of other resources.

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In recent months, manufacturers have been keenly pursuing new battery chemistries. A case in point is lead–carbon (LC) batteries where some interesting carbon modifications are on the cards. These advancements will no doubt extend the horizon for all end-use industries.

Growing Demand for Battery Tech for Electric Vehicles (EVs) Manufacturers to Spur Technological Advancements

Particularly for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, this might upend earlier trends and unlock new avenues for players in the ASEAN lead acid battery market. The trend of lead acid batteries becoming the new vehicle for decarbonising of the transportation industry is a case in point. Incredible avenues have stemmed from strides made by electric vehicles industry in various countries notably in India. Another massive drive stems from the renewable sector. Burgeoning demand for energy storage from renewable sources will spur revenue potential for battery manufacturers in the ASEAN lead acid battery market.

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