Exclusive Interview with Team Chain Joes

Q. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mike Sykora and I represent our team of Chain Joes developers. I have been in web3 / crypto since 2017 as an investor, trader, user, and active participant. It has been a wild west for me, just like for everybody else. Last year or so I focused on gaming projects because I find gaming as the best fit for this industry.

Q. What is Chain Joes?

Chain Joes is a mobile Isometric Action Shooter created under the guidance of an AAA game studio with blockchain and marketing professionals. This product is designed to deliver the best gaming experience based on proven mechanics and a new Play-And-Earn model.

The lore revolves around the web3 enemies concept and beloved crypto memes.  

Q. What is the gameplay like in Chain Joes?

Regardless of the play style, all the users will be able to find their place in the Chain Joes universe.

PvE mode is being developed as a platform for playing solo. PvP mode will be a high-skill zone, where gamers from all over the world will be able to compete to prove their superiority and gain valuable prizes for that.

The product is still in development, though. So the final gameplay concept is still to be revealed. 

Q. How does Chain Joes plan to disrupt the web3 gaming industry?

Bringing gameplay to the front. We are making a game first and web3 tech helps us to enhance the gaming experience and open new possibilities. Our game will be open and easy to play by anyone who enjoys a good gaming experience.

Q. What is the “Play and Earn” model? How does the player benefit from the game?

Our play & earn model is made possible by web3 tech allowing us to introduce an open market economy to our ecosystem. But in order for it to work, the game itself has to be enjoyable. That is why we focus on gameplay first. Having an active community that enjoys our game will result in a vibrant and open marketplace where value can be freely exchanged between players.

Our ecosystem offers value-building opportunities within a great gaming experience:

  • Earn and collect valuable NFTs
  • Upgrade your NFT items to make them even more powerful and valuable
  • Earn our native in-game tokens
  • Compete in tournaments for exclusive prizes

Q. Are there any membership or entry fees for the game?

The game will be free to play and our goal is to make sure there is as easy access as possible for our players. Everyone can join!

We do plan to introduce exclusive membership deals such as VIP battle passes and content. We will release more info in the future regarding those.

However, the game will always be free to download and play. In addition, good players will always be able to climb up the ranks and “Earn” within our ecosystem.

Q. How secure is the project? Is the project code audited?

The project is made by game dev and blockchain veterans. Every code will be audited and secured.

Q. What steps have been taken to protect against scammers and hackers?

The only and most important step is to have a team of professionals that can handle any situation. Scammers and hackers are awake 24/7 and our only protection is to always be at the top of our game. And Chain Joe’s team does just that!

Q. Please explain the role of Mach5 in the project.

Mach5 is an incubator for web3 projects. It provides an essential backbone for Chain Joes:

  • Initial funding
  • Blockchain Expertise
  • Networking

Q. When is the whitelist open for entry and what are the plans for IDO?

We dropped the WL and we will open the private sale for everyone. So I believe this question should be changed a little bit.

As for our IDO. The current plan is to do it in q1 2023. All information will be on our website.

Q. Is the project running right on time with the roadmap? What is the next planned event?

There were slight delays with our private sale. But right now we are on the track with our roadmap.

Q. What are your thoughts on the Web3 gaming industry as a whole?

It is in its infancy. The first real success stories will probably be shipping in 1 or 2 years. And even then it will be just the beginning. We have decades ahead of us full of new and exciting web3 gaming projects.

Q. Any message for our readers?

Web3 offers new possibilities for creating high-quality entertainment products. There is a lot still to be done in order to make this dream come true. I am extremely grateful to those taking part in developing the project. Thank you for your support and feedback.

We are being encouraged by the positive reaction of the gaming community and are trying our best not to disappoint those who care about getting a true gaming experience. After all, the ones to judge the final result will be the gamers.

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