Exclusive Interview with J.D. Salbego – Founder, CEO & Art Director of AnRKey X

AnRKey X

J.D. Salbego (first from left) at the New York Stock Exchange.

All it takes is one look at AnRKey X’sexperiential website to notice the incredible art direction and thought put into concept. With a mix of gaming, eSports, DeFi, and NFT collectibles, AnRKey Xhas quickly evolved into one of the most highly anticipated blockchain projects and digital gaming experiences. 

To learn more about the company and their vision, we spoke to AnRKey XCEO and Founder J.D. Salbego. Salbego is an artist, former entertainer, and blockchain entrepreneur with years experience speaking globally on the subject and managing global blockchain teams. His new passion comes at the perfect time as the industry has seen a new wave of NFT focused projects and activities. 

1) What is AnRKey X™ and what was your inspiration behind it?

AnRKey X™ is a synergy of DeFi, eSports, and NFT in a unique approach where all of these concepts compliment each other and we are proud to be the first platform implementing this synergy. What DeFi and in particular liquidity mining and farming lack are a real use case, and an ecosystem where users can widely utilize their stake and have more options. 

What NFTs lack are scalability, liquidity and a true supply and demand economic model. By implementing DeFi and eSports, with NFTs, AnRKey X™ breaks all barriers. Essentially, AnRKey X™ gamifies the liquidity needs where the whole ecosystem revolves around their native ethereum $ANRX Arcade Coin. 

I’ve been an artist my whole life and this company is just as exciting for me. Each game created by AnRKey X™ lives in the AnRKey X™ Universe. The entire company and each game is part of a whole universe with each game release part of this universe. Within this we have an extended collectables line of NFTs we call the “AnrKey X™ Universe Side Chain Collectables Line” that are not part of the games themselves, but all unique extra characters, sub-stories, scenes and situations in our universe expressed by artistically digitally designed rare and valuable collectable game cards. 

Our website which is a digital story book, is a sneak peak into this world by the way. We are also in numerous talks with other artists and meme driven coins already, for some exciting collaborations in the near future. These are a few key factors driving the mainstream adoption of AnRKey X™. 

Apart from the common challenges, a significant factor in the long term success of any application is its ability to sustain the interest of the user. AnRKey X™ provides a simple user interface which allows the players to fulfil their gaming and liquidity needs without the need to be a tokenomics expert.

2) What is the most interesting part of AnRKey X™ in your opinion?

Although there are many components of AnRKey X™ that bring their own uniqueness to the table, our proprietary Derived Base-Value NFT model is probably the most exciting part. We are proud to implement this NFT-based yield farming along with our Automated Economic Logic Theory Models that are the foundation of our game theory.

Expanding the potential of our DeFi gaming platform and our marketplace for the users and providing greater staking possibilities to increase higher yields competitively, is a model that ensures that the users are able to reap the benefits of an unprecedented DeFi ecosystem. Another benefit of this model is that it will sustain the interest of the users mainly due to two reasons- its ability to gamify the liquidity needs and the provision of a competitive but safe environment. 

NFTs sit right at the centre of our DeFi gaming ecosystem through the following two types in our first game Battle Wave 2323™ — but to note, each game in our m$ports product line has different attributes and gamification. For Battle Wave 2323™ they are:

  • Sacred Relics: Relic NFTs are non-upgradable which, when used in staking, give liquidity provisioning tokens to the users. These NFTs can be bought with our $ANRX arcade coins which are either received as rewards or from other users, thus creating an unmatched arcade coin (token) economy. 
  • Prize Golden Chalices: Golden Chalices awarded to winning Pool Armies have the highest rarity and power of all our NFTs, and that are upgradable through the purchase of Armaments. These Armaments can be purchased through our $ANRX arcade coins, completing the circle. 

Keeping in mind the different outcomes related to NFTs in the gaming industry, we have kept these NFTs rare as this will reduce the depreciation curve, restrict the number of NFTs owned by users, and maintain true economic supply and demand. As well, because of our proprietary Derived Base-Value NFT models, they are highly flexible and liquid creating vibrant scalable markets.

3) Why should gaming enthusiasts be excited for AnRKey X™?

Gaming enthusiasts can join the pool army in any one of our exciting Pool Army Teams on our gDEX. Basically, users can participate and compete within virtual teams in our Battle Wave 2323™ game and fight with each other through liquidity mining. This allows users to generate more APY. In parallel, users can join the Battle Wave 2323™ Pool Army through any of the 9 channels available on the AnRKey X™ Discord.

These Discord Army channels, aka what we call “Army Barracks”, are where users can compete and troll other Pool Armies, regroup, communicate with their team, share memes, and develop their strategies.

The Battle Wave 2323™ is just the first release in our m$ports™ (money sports) game product line facilitating NFTs and gamified DeFi. The core concept of our games is to bring relativity to farming and liquidity mining. This is done through in-game items represented as NFTs which develops the interest of users as they can enjoy activities such as staking and mining all while playing games.

As well, we already have 2 new games ready to release soon after their first m$ports™ game product release “Battle Wave 2323™. Being that we’re a game studio we will be continuously producing and releasing new games, as well as we have a community allocation fund of our $ANRX arcade coin and detailed APIs and SDKs available for our community to enable developers to create powerful m$ports game Daaps on our gDEX.

4) $ANRX arcade coin is the heart of the token economy of AnRKey X™, but how can users utilize these coins?

Our $ANRX native arcade coin has 12 medium-of-exchange utility functions, and works just like an arcade coin used at a physical video arcade. The more you utilize its multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more you earn $ANRX within the gaming system.

The distinct use of our native arcade coin is how we achieve an unprecedented DeFi ecosystem. As the native coin of the AnRKey X™ platform, $ANRX coin can be used to play arcade games. Furthermore, these coins are used as a reward system, payment and settlement of game-related items, and also is transferable to other users. It is also exchangeable with ERC-20 tokens and ETH so it naturally combats the challenge of scalability and mass adoption offering a broader market. 

What’s interesting is that the purchase and spend of $ANRX arcade coins powers gamification. By staking their NFTs, users can earn rewards in the form of $ANRX and can then transfer these $ANRX coins to other users for various purposes or simply use these $ANRX coins to play games. 

5) Where can people go to learn more about the project?

Right now the best place to learn more is on our official website or Telegram. We will be releasing more updates shortly on Medium and other socials as we prepare for our upcoming launch.

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