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Exclusive Interview with Dom Lucre

Dom Lucre

TechBullion got a chance to interview Dom Lucre (originally known as Dominick Andrew McGee) who is an American music artist, veteran, political commentator, and philanthropist. He was born in Columbia but then his family relocated to North Augusta, South Carolina where he completed his higher education. He is currently known for his financial advisory firm “Credit Cadabra” which is serving numerous people in Tennessee.


Hey! Dom, tell us about your music career?

Dom Lucre: Hi! Thank you for having me. It’s an honor. So, my music career started when I was in high school. During that time, I used to make HipHop music, and over time it became my passion. People started liking what I was doing, and I started planning to make it my full-time profession. Because in my opinion, anything you love doing is worth making your lifetime goal. Consequently, achieving that goal becomes much easier and more convenient.

What was the reason you joined the U.S. Military?

Dom Lucre: I feel no shame in admitting that I belong to a humble family. When I told my parents that I wanted to be a HipHop music artist, they told me that I had to work on my own as they didn’t have enough resources to fund my dreams. Also, during high school, I developed an interest in U.S. History that made me want to serve in the military. Another reason to join the military was obviously to acquire enough funds to sustain my music career.

How did you manage music and the military simultaneously? Wasn’t it difficult?

Dom Lucre: As far as I remember, it was the time in 2014; I used to travel long distances to meet my label mates Hunter 6 Letterz and Darren Hunter to record. I was appointed as the Vice President of IVOS Records at that time, which was quite a significant achievement for me. When the IVOS Records became successful, I also gained recognition which I further used to fuel my passion, and consequently, it made me resign from the military.

After retiring from the military, you opted for a diploma in “Corporate Finance”. What was your goal behind it?

Dom Lucre: At that time, I was pursuing my music career, but I felt a need to upgrade my education. For that reason, I opted for an online degree in Corporate Finance, but that opened new doors of opportunity for me. I founded a company, “Credit Cadabra” which aimed at clearing derogatory remarks from the credit of people. I set a meager annual amount as a subscription fee to make Credit Cadabra accessible to people. It continues to serve people all around the globe.

Why did you choose Chattanooga, Tennessee as the location for “Credit Cadabra”?

Dom Lucre: Well, at that time, Chattanooga, Tennessee, had the least competition in terms of competition among financial firms, so I considered it the right opportunity to go for it.

What was the purpose behind the “Win the Win” Facebook group?

Dom Lucre: As I was a follower of the Republican party, I found it necessary to voice my opinions and decided to create a Facebook group. Later on, it was labeled as the most-active conservative group on Facebook.

Why do you emphasize so much on philanthropy? What role did it play in your life?

Dom Lucre: Philanthropy has become my way of life. It has significantly been incorporated into my lifestyle. I founded a non-profit organization, “The Citizen Crusade” and I’m also a part of “Blexit Tennessee”. All these organizations aim to help society in ways that serve the people’s welfare in numerous ways.

How can people reach out to you?

Dom Lucre: People can contact me via my website as well as my social profiles where I’m active the most:


Instagram: @DomLucre

Twitter: @DomLucre

Facebook: @DomLucre1

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