Exclusive Interview: Tapbit Head of Markets Zed Gray Talks about Latest Platform Upgrades

In this TechBullion interview, we talk about crypto trading on Tapbit with Zed Gray, the Executive Head of Markets at Tapbit Crypto exchange.

Q. I’m here today with Zed Gray, Head of Markets and Operations at Tapbit, to have an in-depth discussion about the cryptocurrency trading platform’s recent major updates. Zed, thanks for taking the time to speak with us!

Zed Gray. I appreciate you having me. Excited to chat about all of Tapbit’s new features and enhancements.

Q. Let’s start from the beginning – can you give an overview of Tapbit and what your mission is? 

Zed Gray. Of course. Tapbit was founded in 2021 with the goal of providing a secure, user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading. We aim to offer an enjoyable trading experience for users worldwide, whether they’re just starting out or are experienced traders. Our mission is to make participating in crypto trading smooth and accessible.

Q. That’s a great mission. Now let’s dive into the platform updates. At a high level, what are some of the major changes you’ve made recently?

Zed Gray. We’ve been laser-focused on optimizing the overall user experience. A key update was enhancing our order types – we now offer market orders, limit orders, trigger orders, post-only orders, and take profit/stop loss orders. Each serves a different purpose so traders can pick what matches their strategy. 

Q. Very cool. And what else is new on the platform?

Zed Gray. Quite a bit! We’ve significantly expanded the cryptocurrencies available for trading, adding highly popular and latest digital assets. We’re also providing more in-depth insights into each cryptocurrency’s economic model now. And we’ve introduced a returns simulator that lets trader backtest strategies under historical market conditions to estimate performance.

Q. That simulator sounds really useful! Beyond trading features, have you updated the overall interface and experience?

Zed Gray. Definitely. We’ve refreshed the entire interface to be smoother and more enjoyable to use. Some highlights are enlarging the order book display and overhauling the visual design. But we’ve also added things like high-reward trading campaigns and comprehensive backend tools for our affiliates.

Q. You’ve clearly made significant upgrades across the board. Can you talk more about the philosophy behind these changes? 

Zed Gray. Of course – our users are at the core of everything we do. We highly value their feedback and demands. Each update aims to directly enhance their trading experience and exceed their expectations. We believe strongly in continually improving to provide the best possible platform.

Q. User-centricity is so important in this space. Now to wrap up – can you share some of Tapbit’s growth metrics and achievements?

Zed Gray Absolutely. Since launching in 2021, we’ve attracted over 150,000 registered users. We consistently rank top 10 in liquidity on CoinMarketCap. Our copy trading feature alone has facilitated over 1 million trades executed by more than 300 traders. And we maintain a $40 million insurance fund to ensure asset safety.

Q. Incredible growth in such a short timeframe. Well Zed, thank you for this very insightful and comprehensive overview of Tapbit’s platform enhancements. Really appreciate you taking the time today.

Zed Gray. It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me on.

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