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Excellent Business Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurs

Making a living in a creative field is a dream for many. Whether you’re approaching the end of schooling, are looking for a career transition, or want a new and exciting business, opportunities abound if you take the right steps. Consider a few options for businesses in creative fields.

Music Store Owner

If you want to surround yourself with music, running a music store can be the ideal opportunity. While many industries are going completely virtual, music sales still often require a brick-and-mortar presence so buyers can try before buying.

Investing in inventory and storage space requires business savvy and adequate planning. You’ll want to get a firm grasp on the interests of your market to fill a legitimate need. To track customer activity, sales, and inventory, you’ll need top-notch music store POS software.

Such apps provide an easy-to-use interface that integrates with your website to track and reorder instruments and equipment. You’ll also be able to manage online sales. The tool helps you to optimize your pages and enhance the customer journey with automated features so you can dedicate more time to strategy and running your shop.

Photography Assistant

If you want to break into the world of photography but don’t yet have the industry knowledge or experience, you can start by assisting a photographer or multiple photographers. Working closely with a professional provides hands-on training and can connect you with a network that can advance your career.

You will have to handle the primary tasks for the photographer, such as staging for large shoots and coordinating events with clients. Pay close attention and continue to study to parlay the experience into a photography career. You could also refine your skills as an assistant and work your way up to offering services for more prestigious photographers or creative firms.

Video Game Designer

Video game releases can make more money than major motion picture blockbusters. While university classes exist to teach these design skills, you could gain the necessary competencies through a boot camp or online course.

Students will want to consider interning with design or software development firms to build experience and a network of professionals. If you’re passionate about design and enjoy creating your own side projects in your off time, this is a great way to build up your portfolio as you apply for jobs.

You can freelance for independent game creators as well. Set up a website and advertise yourself on social media to companies that want to create engaging apps and games.

Ghostwriter or Copywriter

While many writers have degrees, the only qualification for becoming a paid writer is creating the kind of content people want to read. If you have a knack for words, you can apply for content mills that provide blog articles, ebooks, and scripts for other companies. You may not be able to use the pieces for your personal portfolio, but the work and feedback can give you valuable practice for what clients are looking for. 

You can easily set up your own website and offer to do freelance work there and on other job sites. Isolate a niche where busy professionals are willing to pay top dollar to turn their ideas into fleshed-out documents.


Writing can lead to another excellent creative online opportunity you can do from anywhere. As an editor, you don’t have to come up with the content. Instead, you need an eye for detail to correct documents for spelling and grammar.

Editors also polish sentences to make writing more professional or fitting for the intended audience. The job can also involve fact-checking or developmental editing to help a story be more pleasing, with a cohesive structure and strong character development.

User Experience Designer

Many companies spend so much time internally building their software and websites that they can lose sight of how to make them work well for end users. A UX designer tests and designs these products so that they function properly and are easy to use.

UX design is another field where a degree can give an entry-level candidate a leg up. Still, online courses and boot camps can provide a gifted novice enough training to break into the industry if you’re willing to put in the work.

Creative business opportunities exist, and you can seize one with a little self-discovery and ingenuity. Consider these options and research others to find the right creative field for you.

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