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Exania by Exohood Labs A Quantum Leap in AI

Exohood Labs is at the forefront of initiating a groundbreaking approach in the realm of artificial intelligence by integrating blockchain technology and laying the groundwork for quantum computing capabilities. This ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize how AI systems operate, ensuring unparalleled security, transparency, and computational power.
The integration of blockchain with AI introduces a novel paradigm for data integrity and security. Blockchain’s decentralized nature offers a robust layer of protection against data tampering, enhancing the reliability of AI systems. This synergy enables the creation of AI models that are not only more secure but also capable of executing tasks with an unprecedented level of trustworthiness and efficiency.

Moreover, Exohood Labs is exploring the integration of AI with quantum computing to harness the immense computational speed and power that quantum technology promises. This venture into quantum AI research is aimed at developing AI systems capable of solving complex problems far beyond the reach of current classical computing methodologies. Quantum computing offers the potential to process vast datasets at speeds unimaginable today, paving the way for significant advancements in AI capabilities.

The AI developed by Exohood Labs is designed with versatility in mind, targeting a wide array of applications across research, government, non-profit organizations, and corporate sectors. This AI aims to serve as a powerful tool for conducting advanced research, aiding in decision making processes, enhancing operational efficiencies, and solving intricate challenges faced by various sectors.
The learning model employed by Exohood Labs AI is built upon the extensive analysis and processing of a diverse range of data sources. Utilizing information from Wikipedia, Common Crawl, and various open source materials, the AI is equipped with a broad knowledge base. The integration of “Reciprocal Learning Neurons,” validated through blockchain technology, ensures the accuracy and relevance of the data fed into the AI system. This model is continually updated with the latest research findings, enabling the AI to adapt and evolve over time.

Exohood Labs commitment to developing an AI with blockchain integration and quantum computing capabilities represents a significant leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence. By focusing on creating a highly secure, transparent, and powerful AI system, Exohood Labs is poised to contribute profoundly to scientific research, and the broader application of AI across various sectors, marking a new era in the convergence of AI, blockchain, and quantum technologies.

Leveraging 10 billion neural nodes for sophisticated AI analysis, Exohood Labs has processed over 200 terabytes of data and reviewed more than 1,500 academic papers since 2019. Our AI, equipped with 10 billion parameters, showcases the depth of our technological prowess, spanning various domains and continuously evolving. This extensive analysis underpins our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI, utilizing vast resources like Wikipedia, Common Crawl, and open source materials to fuel our advancements in the field.

Our nonprofit R&D organization is powered by a seasoned team boasting 30 years of cumulative experience, propelling innovation across a wide spectrum of industries. This enduring legacy of technological breakthroughs and research excellence has tangibly enriched lives, augmenting experiences at home, work, school, and in leisure activities.

Operating from global hubs in Palo Alto, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, our diverse and skilled teams engage in cross disciplinary collaboration. This integrated approach enables us to confront global challenges directly, supported by the passion and dedication of over 500 collaborators through our pioneering OpenExus program.

Exohood Labs specializes in AI, quantum computing, blockchain, education, biomedicine, space exploration, energy, and robotics. Our mission is to forge new industries and generate substantial market value, ensuring our contributions yield enduring societal benefits.

The genesis of Exohood Labs traces back to 1995, with the founding of an independent research service center dedicated to exhaustive studies on the internet and its technologies. This early phase laid the groundwork for our future explorations and breakthroughs.

In 2007, the launch of the SMART PC project marked a significant leap in our journey, emphasizing Mathematical Artificial Intelligence Research and solidifying our commitment to AI development.

The FIONA project, initiated in 2019, underscored our focus on data protection and privacy using blockchain technology, highlighting our dedication to enhancing cybersecurity through innovative AI applications.

Exohood Labs was formally established in 2020 as a decentralized research organization. Our mission is to develop commercially viable solutions in partnership with businesses, governments, non-profits, and foundations. We aim to deliver technologies, ideas, research, and innovations to those who need them most, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure transparency in all our R&D processes.

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