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Examining the Role and Relevance of Blogging in 2022 


As a marketer in 2022, you should be abreast of the latest trends and adapt to the ever-dynamic digital marketing landscape. Blogging is a vital part of marketing that has been consistent for many years. However, blogging has undergone a change in strategy over the years. Even though blogging is a crucial aspect of any business, some people still question its relevance in the current digital marketing landscape. Fortunately, the numbers prove beyond doubt that blogging is still relevant and here to stay for many years.

Every month there are over 70 million new blog posts, and approximately 42 percent of the web seems to be built solely on WordPress. Statistics reveal blogging is still a dominating part of any digital marketing stratagem. According to a survey conducted recently, amongst all the content marketing strategies out there like infographics, videos, online events, and e-books, 90 percent of organizations relied on blogs for marketing their brands during the past year.

Even though today, social media is an integral aspect of a successful content stratagem, it doesn’t imply that blogs have lost their significance or relevance in the digital marketing scenario in 2022. Even today blogging is instrumental in grabbing audience attention, driving more traffic, and building overall brand authority and online brand awareness. Let us explore the top reasons why blogging is still very much relevant as a marketing stratagem.

Blogging Is Best for Building Trust and Loyalty

According to Forbes, for all businesses blogging is certainly a ‘worthwhile investment’. It is a visible and large way of showcasing your knowledge and authority of your niche, products, and industry. Customers are interested in purchasing a product only from a brand that seems more trustworthy. It is challenging to maintain a blog. When you have a consistent and top-quality blog, it automatically implies that you are dedicated and put in a tremendous effort for the success of your business. If you have a low-quality blog or no blog at all it is an indication that your business may not be that reliable or trustworthy. It is critical to realize that customers wish to do shopping only with trusted brands. Blogs are the most effective way of building trust and loyalty.

You can be successful in emerging as an authority in your field by providing trustworthy information and valuable advice that your audience can utilize. Blogs are excellent tools for nurturing your audience and proving your authority, sound knowledge and expertise in your product line, and field of work. An integral part of boosting content is essentially the E-A-T concept, the abbreviation for and stands for Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness. Remember that your site’s content must necessarily be informative, helpful, and accurate information all through the site and content.

Blogging Boosts Visibility

It is critical to get your blog SEO optimized. Blogs that are capable of providing the perfect answers to customer queries on search engines about your business or unique products are useful for SEO. Moreover, incorporating the right keywords into your unique and well-researched content, including the subheadings, and headings are a proven way of boosting visibility.

Another sure-shot way of boosting visibility is via internal linking. Link building throughout all your pages, including product pages. And blogs on your website can assist in building brand awareness, visibility, and the much-aspired brand authority.

It is critical to consider the length of your blog posts depending on the topic of discussion. The blogs should necessarily be of the perfect length to cover the topic comprehensively. It should prove helpful in improving your SERP rankings in the long run. Pictures are another effective way of enhancing your visibility and content.

Blogging Is Excellent for Generating Brand Awareness

Authentic and novel content can help your brand stand out from the rest and win a competitive edge. When your target audience is searching for the perfect answers to their queries or wishes to gain more knowledge and learn more, it will be best if your brand appears on top of the SERPs, providing them with the valuable and authentic information they require. The more dedicated you become to investing your time and money in building a solid blog stratagem, you would have more potential for growing brand awareness.

Blogging Is Best for Generating New Leads

If your consumers or readers enjoy going through your content, they will possibly want more. It is a brilliant way of gaining new leads as you can ask your readers to subscribe to precisely your email listing. It will surely be less invasive than asking them to like an advertisement prompting them to subscribe to an email listing for getting a coupon. Even though it can be a strategic ploy for generating leads, blogs assist in building a connection with the consumers before fishing for their details or information.

It helps to build a robust relationship between your brand and the consumers via helpful, authentic, and unique content. You may then strategically include the subscription request when they scroll or at the end of your blog. So that the consumers can enter their information fast and go on reading.

Blogging Is an Effective Way of Driving Engagement

One of the primary objectives for most digital content marketers like is to focus on building trust, and cementing the relationship or bond with already existing customers and new ones too. Blogs are best for providing more informative and shareable content than your service or product-related posts for customers. Moreover, potential customers to share across social media platforms.

It goes a long way in educating consumers, providing effective tips on how-tos. And creating more connections with your unique brand. When you consistently remind your readers about your brand via your content over time. Readers are sure to get converted to long-term clients. Moreover, blogs can incorporate fascinating points to the overall customer journey and provide diverse opportunities for sharing your content. Ultimately, your blogging efforts will help engage customers with topics that help create more excitement for seamless engagement.


Blogs still remain one of the building blocks of your digital marketing strategy despite all the changes over the years. They are best for generating leads and growing overall brand awareness online, among your targeted audience. You can build a solid foundation for your blog posts with a sound understanding. SEO practices, tactics, and ways of reaching and engaging your target audience.


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