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Evolving AdTech Landscape: Custom Development Service Trends

Technology has a huge role in shaping ads. As the number of people looking for innovative ways to interact increase so is the pressure for newer and more effective ways of advertising. Now businesses don’t only have to think about how to get the attention of customers but also ensure that they are doing so within regulations.

There needs to be a balance that also emphasizes on maintaining user security. For this reason, many establishments are moving towards the ad tech platforms. This allows any business, regardless of the size, to build a network that is convenient and specific. Here, the custom AdTech development services are designed to promote accessibility according to Teqblaze. As this industry grows, staying in touch with the latest trends is a key. Here are some of the trends to keep up with as the year progresses.

Contextual ads

In the past, there was a lot of focus towards targeting customer behavior. This has been an effective way of ensuring that you create the appropriate content depending on your audience. However, in 2024, more companies will be considering contextual advertising. This combines various elements including:

  • Detailed reports
  • Analytics
  • In depth targeting

Because of this, managers are looking for better tools that promote this method. Most of these use AI, therefore offering better functionality and analytics. As a result, many companies are quickly switching away from ads that are solely based on targeting.

Another attractive feature is how it leads to better results without additional costs. These platforms can identify new opportunities by analyzing a broad range of metrics. This helps marketing teams to come up with better campaigns that promote user engagement.

First party layout

As the need for privacy continues growing there is a shift from third party cookies. These have been associated with compromising customer privacy. AdTech is trying to find a more comprehensive way of offering data consent through a first party infrastructure. In fact, this will become the center when dealing with ad data.

It will lead to a more secure way of dealing with data. Cookieless ads can become the next best thing. This when combined with other strategies will make your business a prominent force.

Better integration capabilities

One of the biggest challenges that many companies have faced over the years is how to integrate with other tools. The ready-made AdTech development solutions that many companies provide offer better integration. This allows you to maintain some of your previous tools. It is a cost effective measure for ad tech companies.

Some of the platforms may have to modify their models to create a system that favors integration. This makes it easier for creating a system where different publishers, buyers, and sellers can interact with each other.

CTV investment

Another service that is likely to increase is CTV ads. While these have been around for years, many are still hesitant on using this ad form. The main reason for this is that most don’t know how to use these ads.

After spending a lot of money, businesses usually fail to place in the measures that will enhance performance. A potential way of promoting success is by using metrics that track progress. It also involves integrating with the right tools. CTV can be a great way of targeting customers provided you couple it with the appropriate data.

When you incorporate ML into CTV, it leads to more specific interactions. Users will get more personalized recommendations. This will lead to prolonged interaction from viewers. ML can also lead to more customized ads. This process can be done through automation.

Digital ads

The number of digital ads is going to increase in 2024. By the end of 2023, there was already an increase in the number of marketers spending on these types of adverts. The rapid growth can be attributed to programmatic expansion.

There are more opportunities for all users. Nesly anyone can access these ads through Google. Considering that this is just the beginning, there are still many challenges to contend with, and these include:

  • Data processing
  • Performance metric measurements
  • Low latency

Shifting to dynamic area

So finding solutions that tackle these challenges will be the key to success. As this area becomes more popular, you can expect a wider range of services that go beyond private platforms. Because there are a few who are offering targeted data-dependent campaigns, there is a lot of room for newcomers.

They may want to provide this service. This will be a key factor in the value of digital ads. With these changes, the digital market value is expected to reach over 740 billion US dollars by 2027. It is also projected to grow exponentially.

Gaming capabilities

One of the best ways to promote interaction and prolonged engagement with an ad is through gaming. In-gaming ad experiences are becoming more popular. Something that is getting attention across the industry is in-gaming advertising. For example, PlayStation and Xbox are already adding advertisements to their games. One example of this is how Xbox is promoting its services.

Brands can now use the company to place targeted ads. These small segments are embedded into games. This is only possible for a select number of brands. The number of games available is limited, thereby making it very competitive. Other major gaming platforms will soon follow suit, seeing how successful this form of ads is becoming.

This is a great achievement for any custom AdTech development service. It means wider adoption by many brands. This will come with a lot of new opportunities for many companies. Games are designing new platforms where users can use different formats and participate in live events.

Final thoughts

Advertising is undergoing a lot of transformation. There is going to be a shift towards newer programmatic solutions. These aim at enhancing engagement with ads. The number of companies investing in digital ads is also on the rise. Emphasis is being placed on contextual ads and ensuring user privacy. With stricter regulatory clauses, brands will be looking for better ways to ensure compliance.

Adding CTV and gaming in ads will improve customer conversion. This is the best time to consider custom AdTech development. Retain that competitive edge and promote customer conversion. The only sure thing is that advancements will continue. So keeping your team informed may be a huge factor towards success.


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