Evoload: Revolutionizing Transportation Through AI & Blockchain

Evoload: Revolutionizing Transportation Through AI & Blockchain

The freight transportation sector is crucial to the global economy. However, it faces various challenges related to transparency, payment security, and operational efficiency. In this context, Evoload emerges as a pioneer of logistics innovation, offering a revolutionary solution powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain. 

Evoload aims to radically transform the transportation experience through its decentralized Freight Exchange platform, ensuring optimal route planning, enhanced visibility, and cost reduction. In this article, we will explore how Evoload is revolutionizing transportation by integrating advanced technologies and how it addresses the industry’s crucial challenges to create a sustainable and interconnected logistics ecosystem. Moreover, we will explore how to join Evoload by participating in the $EVLD presale on Pinksale!

What is Evoload?

Evoload is a groundbreaking platform that leverages blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the transportation and logistics industry. At its core, Evoload operates as a decentralized marketplace where shippers, carriers, and other stakeholders can seamlessly connect and transact, offering unparalleled efficiency and transparency in freight exchange. The platform recently partnered with IBC Group, led by Mario Nawfal, which will contribute to accelerating and incubating Evoload, driving innovation, and scaling the project.

Founded on the principles of trust, efficiency, and innovation, Evoload aims to address some of the most pressing challenges the transportation sector faces, including payment disputes, operational inefficiencies, and lack of transparency. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, Evoload streamlines the process of freight exchange, optimizing route planning, minimizing costs, and ensuring timely delivery of goods. Let’s discover more information from Evoload Litepaper!

Key Features of Evoload

  • Blockchain-Powered Freight Exchange: Evoload utilizes blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent platform for freight exchange. By recording transactions on a decentralized ledger, Evoload ensures that all parties have access to accurate and immutable records, reducing the risk of disputes and fraud.
  • Artificial Intelligence for Route Optimization: Evoload dynamically analyzes and optimizes shipment routes in real-time through advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Evoload ensures that shipments follow the most efficient and cost-effective paths from origin to destination by considering factors such as market conditions, traffic patterns, and delivery deadlines.
  • Payment Guarantee Mechanism: Evoload addresses the issue of payment disputes by implementing smart contracts that lock shipping fees and guarantee amounts in advance. This ensures that both shippers and carriers are protected, with funds being released according to the terms of the contract upon fulfillment of services.
  • Automated Workflow: Evoload streamlines the freight exchange process by digitizing and automating various tasks, such as documentation, invoicing, and compliance checks. By reducing manual labor and administrative costs, Evoload enables stakeholders to focus on core business activities and improve overall efficiency.

Evoload is a game-changer in the transportation industry as it provides a complete solution that improves transparency, efficiency, and trust in freight exchange. Its innovative approach and dedication to excellence make it a promising player in shaping the future of logistics and driving sustainable growth in the global economy.

Evoload’s Mission

Evoload is driven by a courageous mission to revolutionize the transportation and logistics industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The mission is to create a decentralized ecosystem that empowers stakeholders to seamlessly exchange goods, optimize routes, and enhance operational efficiency while fostering trust and transparency across the supply chain.

Evoload’s Vision

At Evoload, they envision a future where transportation and logistics are seamlessly interconnected, efficient, and sustainable. Evoload’s vision is to become the leading platform for freight exchanges, providing innovative solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. By leveraging advanced technologies and fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders, they aim to build a brighter future where logistics are smarter, greener, and more accessible to all.

What About $EVLD and its Token Economy?

Evoload’s tokenomics are structured to ensure a fair distribution of tokens and to incentivize participation within its ecosystem. The total supply of $EVLD Tokens is 500,000,000. Here’s a breakdown of the token distribution and vesting periods.

Token Distribution

  • Team: 10.0%
  • Seed Sale: 9.3%
  • Pre Sale: 2.0%
  • Public Sale: 5.4%
  • Ecosystem: 50.0%
  • Burned: 0.8%
  • Advisory: 5.0%
  • Listing: 5.0%
  • Marketing: 12.4%

Vesting Periods

  • Seed Sale: 10% unlocked initially, followed by a 6-month lockup period, then 5% monthly.
  • Pre Sale: 10% unlocked initially, followed by a 6-month lockup period, then 10% monthly.
  • Public Sale: 25% unlocked initially with no lockup period, then 9.3% monthly.
  • Team, Partnerships & Advisory: Tokens are fully locked for 18 months, followed by 15% quarterly vesting.
  • Marketing: 5% unlocked initially, followed by a 6-month lockup period, then 5% quarterly.

Use of Funds

  • Development: 40% of funds allocated to developing more features and improving UI/UX.
  • Marketing: 30% allocated to building awareness, participating in logistical and supply chain summits, creating partnerships, and conducting digital marketing promotions.
  • Operations: 25% allocated to onboarding stakeholders, rewarding them, offering free trial versions, and providing promotional packages to attract and familiarize users with the platform.
  • Legal: 5% allocated to legal operations to ensure compliance with regulations and protect stakeholders’ interests.

Evoload’s tokenomics are designed to promote the growth and sustainability of the platform while ensuring transparency and fairness for all participants.

What are $EVLD Utilities?

Evoload’s token economy plays a central role in facilitating transactions and incentivizing participation within its ecosystem. The $EVLD token serves as the native currency of the platform, enabling users to access various services, participate in governance, and earn rewards for their contributions. Let’s delve deeper into the key components of Evoload’s token economy:

  • Payment for Services: Users can utilize EVLD tokens to pay for a wide range of services offered on the platform, including freight booking, shipment tracking, and carrier services. By using EVLD tokens for transactions, users can benefit from discounts and incentives, making it a convenient and cost-effective payment method.
  • Staking and Rewards: Holders of EVLD tokens have the opportunity to stake their tokens to earn rewards or participate in the platform’s governance. Staking provides users with a passive income source while also contributing to the security and stability of the network.
  • Escrow Services: EVLD tokens act as an escrow for transactions between shippers and carriers, ensuring that both parties fulfill their obligations before funds are released. This helps mitigate counterparty risk and build trust within the ecosystem.
  • Incentivizing Data Sharing: Evoload incentivizes users to share valuable data, such as transportation routes and pricing information, by rewarding them with EVLD tokens. This data sharing contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the platform.
  • Governance: Token holders can actively participate in the platform’s decision-making process by voting on proposals or submitting their own ideas. This democratic governance model ensures that the platform evolves according to the needs and preferences of its community.
  • Loyalty and Referral Programs: Evoload offers loyalty programs and referral bonuses to reward users for their continued engagement with the platform. By earning EVLD tokens through these programs, users are incentivized to remain active participants in the ecosystem.

How Do You Join the $EVLD Presale on Pinksale?

Evoload’s journey toward revolutionizing the logistics industry through AI and smart contracts reached a pivotal moment with the announcement of its presale on Pinksale. This event, scheduled to commence tomorrow, represents a significant milestone in the advancement of blockchain technology and has garnered widespread attention and excitement from all corners of the community. The decision to host the presale on Pinksale, a well-established platform in the crypto space, reflects Evoload’s commitment to transparency, accessibility, and community engagement. By leveraging Pinksale’s robust infrastructure, Evoload aims to provide a seamless and secure experience for participants, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of tokens. As the countdown to the presale on Pinksale begins, participants can expect the following key details:

  • Official Announcement: Check the announcement on the official Twitter page containing the presale link and further instructions for participation.
  • EVLD Price: The presale will offer EVLD tokens at a price of $0.0184, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of participants.
  • Duration: The presale will commence on 7 March at 19:00 CET and conclude on 10 March at 22:59 CET, providing participants with ample time to participate.
  • Whitelist: The whitelist is currently live on this form, allowing interested participants to register and secure their spots in the presale.

Join Evoload to Revolutionize Transportation Through AI and Blockchain!

With key features such as blockchain-powered freight exchange, AI-driven route optimization, and a robust payment guarantee mechanism, Evoload offers a comprehensive solution that improves transparency, efficiency, and trust in freight exchange. Moreover, Evoload’s tokenomics are designed to promote fairness and sustainability within its ecosystem, ensuring that all participants have a stake in the platform’s success. From incentivizing data sharing to facilitating transactions and governance, the $EVLD token plays a central role in driving engagement and fostering community participation.

As we look ahead to the presale on Pinksale and beyond, it is clear that Evoload is poised to make a lasting impact on the transportation and logistics industry. By joining the presale, participants not only have the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking journey but also contribute to shaping the future of logistics and driving sustainable growth in the global economy.

In conclusion, Evoload stands at the forefront of innovation, poised to revolutionize transportation through AI and blockchain. With its visionary mission, dedication to excellence, and commitment to community engagement, Evoload is well-positioned to lead the way toward a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future for logistics worldwide.

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