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Evo Surfers Pioneers Metaverse Patents, Bringing New Evolution of GameFi

Bringing New Evolution of GameFi

The bull run in the cryptocurrency industry has given rise to a new and innovative sector, GameFi, which refers to the combination of game and finance. GameFi projects incorporate Play-to-Earn mechanisms, where players can collect in-game rewards by participating in in-game activities such as winning battles, completing daily objectives, renting or selling assets, or mining resources. 

As of March 2022, over 1,400 blockchain games were released, fine-tuning the Play-to-Earn mechanisms to incentivize players in GameFi. Joining the GameFi trend, Evo Surfers provides an innovative decentralized, civilization-based, user-generated gaming environment for players. The gaming mechanism revolves around work, adventure, and combat. Players in Evo Surfers can earn through many earning aspects of the game. The main gameplay, which is the work and adventure, acts as a source of income by rewarding players for work and each adventure. Players can also earn profits by breeding NFTs and selling or renting them out on the marketplace. Token staking and farming are also alternative sources of income. 

In GameFi, since the games run on the blockchain, players are capable of using NFTs and in-game currencies. Evo Surfers uses NFTs to create in-game digital assets, including player avatar CaCha NFT characters and their skills and attributes, technology, and hard assets like land and real estate. The game’s NFTs are tradable through an inbuilt real-world marketplace, enabling them to have value beyond the gaming environment. 

Evo Surfers also supports a healthy, robust game economy that uses an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token EVO as its primary source of value transfer. Players use EVO to acquire game assets, explore and expand the gaming world, and drive civilization and technological progress. Simultaneously, Evo Surfers presents a solution to the short-term life cycle faced by most current games. The Evo Surfer’s world provides a long-term sustainable game economy and highly engaging and constantly evolving supplementary content. Evo Surfers’ tokenomics employ the EVO token to drive adoption, maintain engagement, and stimulate in-game interaction between players. 

Cacha and Eggs in Evo Surfers 

What distinguishes Evo Surfers from other blockchain-based games is its Cacha and eggs.

Cacha, being an onomatopoeia representing the sound of breaking bones, represents player avatars in the game.

The game uses images of skulls and crossbones which have a variety of interpretations across the globe and throughout the time. It can be traced back to the birth of punk culture in the late 1960s, when death and rebirth became a symbol synonymous with the movement and the symbol went into the mainstream. The use of the skull and crossbones symbol in Evo Surfers extends this representation to death, rebellion and rebirth. Player’s experience of the game will be as exciting as experiencing a rebirth, while the innovative gaming experience can also be seen as an unorthodox move rebellion against the existing order in the blockchain gaming scene. 

In the early stages of Evo Surfers, players can obtain rare CaCha by participating in activities on the official website. 

In Evo Surfers, Genesis Egg is a rare resource formed with the Earth Goddess’s blessing. Genesis Eggs can be hatched into different types of Cachas. There are three rarities, such as R, SR and SSR. The higher the rarity of the Cacha, the stronger the attributes and the higher the income. Genesis Eggs can also be gifted and traded. In the universe of Evo Surfers, each Cacha is different, and they advance the civilization of Evo Surfers through work, adventure, and battle to make more profits. 

The Pioneer in Metaverse Patents 

Being a newly launched blockchain game, Evo Surfers has several outstanding features. The Patent Eggs  in Evo Surfers contribute to one of these unique features. In Evo Surfers, players can acquire copyrights to the civilization action tasks mentioned above by auction. Copyright holders receive a portion of the tokens released by other players completing tasks as royalties. The unique copyright feature of key game actions, tools, and processes means Evo Surfers creates long-term investment value on top of everyday play-to-earn in-game tasks. 

In addition, players can acquire specific patents for a prop by auction. Prop patent owners receive a portion of the transaction fees when players transact for that prop in the game. In other words, users can receive bonuses once they obtain a patent for NFT and when other players use the NFT. This can keep them benefiting from the patent. 

In the crypto world, NFT, being a necessity in GameFi, is the best carrier of patents, since it is “non-fungible”. However, patents are rarely applied in the metaverse of GameFi, and no one pays to a patent-holder when they are making profit from a NFT. In metaverse games, one can buy some NFTs and sell, to win a one-time payment, higher out to others, or get a rent. However, if you own the patent of a NFT, after you sell the NFT, even after the NFT has been traded for many times, you can still benefit from the patent. This differs from any existing rule in any GameFi project. 

In the pre-sale of Evo Surfers, players buy eggs to get NFTs, and some of the Genesis eggs contain patents. Players can open them to become the owner of NFT patent, which will give them a chance to be an easy winner. As patents in the real world encourage people to create the world, patents in GameFi also encourage players to create the metaverse from the very beginning. Being the pioneer in the metaverse patents, Evo Surfers will likely bring players to the next evolution of GameFi.

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