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Evo Finance Has Successfully Launched on BitForex, Offering Easy Access to EVO Tokens

Evo Finance has successfully completed its first centralized exchange listing on BitForex, and with it, this investment-friendly platform has opened up several new opportunities. With in-built auto staking and auto compounding features, Evo Finance provides easier and faster access to investments and profits. The EVO token is a BRC-20 token, which is transparent, elasticized, and provides seamless liquidity to the investors, users, and holders by a rebase formula. The project is under Bitgert Startup Studio.

Evo Finance Has Successfully Launched on BitForex, Offering Easy Access to EVO Tokens

Evo Finance presents a way to help the user’s wallet increase automatically. As soon as a user adds balance in the wallet, it starts growing with an auto-staking formula. The staking rewards are added to the wallet after every 24 hours. In the next cycle, the existing wallet balance increases after compounding to a fixed APY of 1000% annually.

Users need not move the wallet balance to the Evo Finance dApp or website for staking. It will be staked as soon as the EVO tokens are added. This Buy-Hold-Earn function helps users generate earnings easily.

There is no lock-in period for the EVO tokens; users can stake and unstake the EVO tokens at any time.

Evo Finance Leverages a Rebase Formula

With the Rebase formula, a token’s supply changes according to the price. Evo Finance leverages a positive rebase formula, which increases the token supply with reference to the price and the supply keeps on growing until an equilibrium is maintained and the user’s wallet balance is not affected.

The positive rebase system is backed by a reserve which is kept to ensure that the token’s supply and the reserve is gathered from the token’s buy and sell fees. The reserve is used for buybacks and token burns to maintain the token supply.

Future Developments of Evo Finance

Among several new developments, Evo Finance will bring out the Evo Calculator, Evo Game, Evo App, and Evo Swap. An audit by Bitgert is also planned. The users can enter the game with their wallet balance, play the game, and win big rewards every week. While playing the game, users can also retain their money, irrespective of a win or a loss. The rules for the game will be announced after it is launched.

The upcoming NFT collection will bring along several perks and will be provided to the presale holders for free. Evo Finance will also enter into the Metaverse with big projects, and the developers of the Metaverse projects will be doxxed to the public.

In another upcoming project, Evo Finance will launch an investment company for the benefit of the users. The investments will be made after getting approval from the EVO token holders.

Evo Finance Tokenomics

In total, the users have to pay 14% Buy trading fees, out of which 5% of the trading fees is sent to the Reserve, which is used to sustain the staking rewards provided for the Positive Rebase transactions. 5% is for maintaining the liquidity, which is used for increasing the collateral value, and 4% is sent to the Treasury.

There is an 18% sell fee, out of which 5% is meant to maintain the liquidity pair, 5% is sent to the Reserve, and 8% is sent to the treasury.

To Sum it Up

Evo Finance is an investment-friendly platform working with a BRC-20 token leading with a transparent mechanism to provide continuous liquidity to the community. The elasticized supply provisioning to the holders works with a positive rebase mechanism creating an auto-staking and auto-compounding token system. Holders of the EVO token can enjoy automated returns into their wallets after every 24 hours and earn passive income continuously.

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