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Evmux Is Set To Launch The Most Compelling Live Streaming Solution For Creators

On the 10th of January, 2022, evmux is unleashing its easy-to-use Live Streaming and Recorded Studio platform that will enable creators of any kind to edit every aspect of their show, podcast, webinar, or virtual event before they stream seamlessly or even while it’s live. evmux will allow creators (from a one-person show to a full production team) to record and download their completely branded content and split each participant’s audio/video downloads for seamless post-production editing.

The live streaming industry has been seeing significant traction since Covid. The pandemic has amplified both the needs of individuals in the creator economy and businesses who were required to engage with their customers virtually. Solutions like Streamyard and OBS, are the current go-to, but with exmux’s advanced features, creators and businesses will be able to take a leap forward, providing a more dynamic and engaging solution for their audience.

“evmux was created with content creation and streaming professionals in mind. As a result, evmux is the only tool that is very easy to use yet very robust. Among our unique features: Pro scenes builder, edit the stream while LIVE without affecting the LIVE show, dedicated green room for speakers who are not on-air to talk freely, ‘Push to talk’ to allow the producer direct communication with the speakers while they are live.

In addition to our unique features, evmux provides the standard features for Livestreaming solutions: invite guests, lower-thirds, branded backgrounds, multistream (FB, YouTube, LinkedIn) and more,” said Elad Rosanski, Co-Founder & CMO of evmux.

evmux was initially established in 2011 as Xtag to deliver beautiful, profitable in-person events anywhere in the world. Then following the Covid pandemic, Xtag pivoted, and in 2021, evmux was born. The company was founded by Elad Rosanski (CMO), Eran Eluz (CTO) and Alon Sela (COO); all three are highly experienced in the event-tech industry.

evmux will officially launch their platform on a festive live booster virtual event. that will include a variety of high profile speakers in the likes of Natan Levy (UFC Fighter), Ariel Helwani (The MMA Hour), Ben Jeens-Williams (Twitch), Ralph Cochrane (Event.Video), Liron David (Eventique), Fay Goldstein (Entrèe Capital), Tom Orbach (Mine), Gabè Leal (Live Stream Creator/Producer), Natalie Ross (, Ivelina Manolova (Tripactions), Michael Matias (Investor).

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