Everything You Need To Know About Web App Development

Everything You Need To Know About Web App Development

Web application development has become an emerging field in information technology. In no time, you will see internet users using web apps all around the world. Web apps are easy to access in your web browser just like the mobile apps which run on your smartphones.

In this post, you will be learning everything about web apps including the importance of web app development, types of web apps, web app development, and many more. So if you are curious to know about all that, keep going with it. Let’s get started!

What Does Web Application Mean?

A web app is a computer program that typically works on the browser when there is an internet connection available. Like mobile apps, you do not need to install web apps on your computer or mobile. You only need to operate them on your web browser.

You can make web apps if you have a good grip on computer languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc, and know frameworks like jQuery and Bootstrap.

Web apps are so popular nowadays because they are easy to develop, they cost less, and they are more secure.

What Is The Difference Between A Web App And A Website?

As we defined before, a web app functions like software on a browser identically whereas a website typically carries a domain and consists of many web pages to deliver information. Typically, websites are designed and developed by a web development company to help businesses create an online presence or expand their reach into the digital world.

Websites are designed with informational content and present the same content regardless of which device or browser they are viewed on. While web apps focus on user interaction and engagement. Moreover, it provides a personalized experience that changes according to device and browser capabilities.

What Are The Types Of Web Apps?

Types Of Web Apps

Depending on the way a web application is developed, there are different types with different behaviors. The types of web applications discussed here all use web technologies and fall into client-side, server-side, or single-page application categories.

  • Client-Side Web Apps

Client-side web apps are involved in the front-end development process. While developing these types of apps, User Interface is the main focus. In other words, they include everything that a client or user can see like text or images. These apps take no time to load the page.

  • Server-Side Web Apps

These web apps are typically involved in the backend development process. This means these apps are processed in the background including building databases, Application Programming Interfaces, servers, etc. In other words, the source code of web apps is not available publically. Server-side Rendering operates the static content and takes a little time to load comparatively.

  • Single-Page Apps

The single-page apps carry all the content on one page and you can edit and rewrite the data on that web page. Using a single-page app, you do not need to load the entire page but you fetch the only data that is required at a particular time.

What Is The Importance Of Web App Development?

The Importance Of Web App Development

Nowadays, web app development is growing fast. It has become a large application platform. Millions of people are using web apps. Not only this, well-known businesses are getting benefits from web apps instead of using special company software. The reason behind this is that they are free from purchasing software and updates.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon were such leading companies that started developing web apps using their technologies. But now, uncountable software companies are playing a vital role in developing web apps.

Web apps are used everywhere on the internet. Let’s have a closer look at the basic uses of web apps:

  • You can manage the data stored on a database platform like Amazon through a web app that plays a role as an interface.
  • Web apps consist of tools like WordPress, Google Docs, Facebook Page Manager, etc that help in managing and updating the content on websites.
  • “WordPress Theme Customization Service by Wbcom Designs involves changing the layout, color scheme, and typography, adding new features, and other modifications to the theme.”
  • They also aid in saving, editing, and sharing documents and images with others on the internet.

Today a large number of software companies are investing in web app development because web apps cost less. Further, they are easy to manage and update as compared to regular computer or mobile applications.

The Scope Of Web App Developers

A web app developer develops apps for websites including designing and coding by using computer languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. Moreover, a developer also uses various frameworks like jQuery and Bootstrap.

Software companies are seeking developers who have earned a degree in IT, computer science, or engineering. Remote workers and freelancers are more active in this field because they cost less for companies and they prefer to hire them to earn more revenue. Most software companies hire a web app developer with the following skills:

  • They prefer developers who work with no-code platforms.
  • They look for web app developers who have a good grip on computer languages including JavaScript, CSS, HTML 5, etc.
  • They expect from a developer a good knowledge of various development tools including Trello and GitHub.

How To Become A Web App Developer?

How To Become A Web App Developer

Most of the students spend 6 to 12 months studying web app development. And, they need to learn programming languages like C++, Java, Ruby, or Python. Learning programming languages takes more time than studying web app development courses. Various online platforms offer web app development courses.

The best way to learn web app development is to hire a mentor and by practicing as much as possible. No doubt, it is an expensive option but better than spending a lot of time on graduation and then looking for a firm or software house.

Examples Of Web Apps

You will find thousands of web apps on the internet. Some of them are the following:

Google Docs:

Google Docs is one of the popular web apps which helps you to manage and share documents on various online platforms. Moreover, it saves your edits automatically.


Notion fulfills multiple tasks for its users. It can be used as a calendar, wiki, notepad, etc.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is a popular progressive web application that can store your data including documents, pictures, videos, etc.


This web app is helpful in various marketing platforms to send and receive a large number of emails automatically to their target customers to generate leads. It aids in running your marketing campaigns.


Web app development, no doubt, is going to become a huge marketplace. Web apps are easy to design as compared to other apps. The more easy way to develop web apps is by using no-code platforms. Further, You can avail of MOBIDEV Web Application Services, an innovative and versatile web development solution that helps businesses to create, manage and optimize web applications. It offers a wide range of features that enable businesses to create a customized web experience for their customers. It is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, as it is cost-effective, secure, and scalable.

With MOBIDEV, businesses can easily create and manage their web applications, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.

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