Everything You Need to Know About the Energyfi project

Energyfi is a large-scale effort focused at promoting Green Blockchain usage. Decentralized Finance has its mastodons (Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Aave, and Unicrypt for exemple), Energyfi is combining all these features in one place to offer a green All-in-One solution. 

The ultimate goal is to  facilitate the adoption of green networks and the establishment of environmentally friendly decentralized financing.

Why the Energyfi project ?

Energyfi is very useful for assisting customers in utilizing Green networks and establishing a sustainable Decentralized Finance system. Its purpose is remarkable as it Increases consciousness on the environment, empowers decentralization, enhances transparency and Interoperability between chains.

Features of Energyfi project

Energyfi covers important functionalities like:

  • Cross-chain Launchpad.
  • Decentralized Exchange.
  • Staking/Farming.
  • Lending/borrowing platform.

Energy pad:

Allowing project developers and investors access to green networks will help encourage widespread adoption. It is a rugpull-proof ILO platform that is cross-chain and permissionless.


By becoming the most profitable choice for liquidity providers on the crypto market, EnergySwap focuses on supplying appropriate levels of liquidity. EnergySwap is a decentralized exchange that is both cross-chain and environmentally friendly. Cross-chain swaps are very rare at this moment in the market, and with EnergySwap users have the choice of low climate impact.

Savings protocol:

Stake EFI and earn a percentage of the swap fees in proportion to your share in the staking contract, or farm EFI tokens and profit by providing liquidity in defined pools. EnergySave is a new method to make money while you sleep.


Lending and borrowing is an key feature of Decentralized Finance. Users are able to lend crypto-currencies (and therefore earn interest) or borrow crypto-currencies (by paying interest over time). A key feature of AAve (market capitalization of 3billions$), running on the Ethereum blockchain, once again Energyfi is offering a green alternative.

What is EFI Token?

The EFI token has many varieties of applications, including governance and platform utility. It will also be essential to have an EFI token in order to utilize certain of the Energyfi services. A frictionless yield and burn mechanism is also incorporated to promote EFI token holders. This will give a passive income while also fighting inflation.

Features of EFI token

Platform utility:

The EFI token will be used for a variety of purposes, including governance and platform functionality. In order to utilize some of the Energyfi services, you will need to have an EFI token.

Secondary income :

EFI holders will be able to earn interest by staking and farming, as well as passive income through the transfer of revenues created by EnergyPad.

Deflationary system:

Each transaction receives a 0.5 percent burn, as specified in the EFI smart contract. The more volume there is, the much more deflationary EFI becomes.

Reflection mechanism:

The balances of EFI token holders increase automatically as they earn the 1% transaction fee and smooth apy rewards.

Summarised Highlights of Energyfi project 

  • The Energyfi platform has a number of characteristics that are all aimed at facilitating the adoption of green networks and the establishment of decentralized financing that is environmentally friendly.
  • EnergyPad is an ILO platform that is cross-chain, permissionless, and rug-pull resistant. Its goal is to make green blockchains more accessible to project developers and investors, resulting in widespread adoption. On the BSC, EWC, AVAX, and NEAR networks, EnergyPad is cross-chain.
  • Smart contracts of Energyfi ensure the security of finances for both investors and ILO creators is maintained. Rug pulling is not a possibility. The cash is immediately locked, and everyone has access to the same data. None of it is hidden, and anything can be checked. The transparency is hence a good feature of Energy.
  • Useful as savings.
  • Lending or borrowing crypto.
  • Energyfi raised 200k$ in private sale and will begin its public sale soon.
  • Energyfi is a Crypto Climate Accord signatory (learn more about it on their website)

Energyfi website:


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