Everything you need to know about the CDeX Cyber Range!

Cyber security

The importance of cybersecurity seems to be increasing day by day. All this is due to more and more advanced hacking techniques and the need to create good data protection – both in smaller companies and large corporations. However, qualified specialists are needed for this. One of the best ways to train is to use training platforms like CDeX. What is the cost of Cyber Range, and how does it work? Read on and find out more!

What is CDeX?

CDeX is a so-called Cyber Range, i.e. a platform that is used to conduct safe training in the field of cybersecurity. Professionally designed training sessions and simulations of hacker attacks take place in a specially prepared space inspired by real military training grounds. The Cyber Range can be used in two ways – through the cloud or software installation. The training conducted will prove useful for both amateurs and people experienced in cybersecurity. Several years ago, NATO awarded the platform.

Training available at CDeX

Two types of training are available on the CDeX platform – individual and team training. Check what they are all about!

  • automatic training – this is an offer for all those who want to undertake training on their own. As part of the automatic training, the users of the Cyber Range can individually and at their own pace go through selected scenarios and explore the secrets of cybersecurity. Upon completion of the training, a detailed report is provided to further analyse and monitor progress!
  • Blue vs Red team training – this is a training in which two teams take part – Red and Blue. One of them is responsible for data protection, while the other takes on the role of cybercriminals and deals with the attack. The training allows practising quick reaction to an attack and work under time pressure.

Access to the platform – get to know the price!

The cost of the Cyber Range depends on the selected Cyber Range model. At the beginning, it is worth taking advantage of the free demo that allows you to get to know the platform. Then you can decide on one of the two plans. The cdex cloud has a fixed cost, while the price of the on-premise software is priced individually after consultations with the client and a specialist from the CDeX team.

Cyber Range – why is it worth it?

With the advent of the internet and the interconnectedness of devices, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue. Cybersecurity refers to the measures taken to protect electronic information and systems from unauthorized access or theft. In today’s world, our personal data is often stored electronically on devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This data can include everything from financial information to confidential medical records. With so much sensitive information at risk, it’s important to take steps to protect it.

Continuous strengthening of cybersecurity allows you to maintain a high level of safety in every large and small company. Cyber Ranges such as CDeX allow for IT team exercises in a safe environment, under the supervision of industry specialists. During training, you can gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. In addition, employees also learn to work under time pressure, facing an attack, and teamwork.

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