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Everything You Need to Know About Pylon Signs

You’ve probably noticed pylon signs as you’ve traveled around Philadelphia. These signs are a great way to advertise your company to drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and anybody else who may see them.

Step up and get your business noticed with a pylon sign. The signs that tower above the malls and plazas are a common sight for motorists to see from a distance.

Pylon signs are the industry standard for various establishments, from churches and restaurants to hospitals and apartment buildings. Maximizing your advertising and brand identification using pylon signs will set you apart from the competition.

Before deciding that a pylon sign is the best option for your company, you should investigate the topic thoroughly. As luck would have it, you’ve found the ideal resource for learning more about pylon signs and how they can help you and your company.

Get familiar with pylon signs by reading this comprehensive guide.

Pylon Signs

Outdoor pylon signs are a form of a sign erected on a pole (or poles) independent of a building or company. They are usually called “Highway Signs” or “Road Signs.”

Pylon signs effectively get people’s attention since they stand out in a crowded environment. They are usually made with an aluminum or steel frame and a hard or soft face.

The most common structures are:

Single Pole Mount

This is a common and well-known way to build a pylon sign. In a single pole mount, your character is held up by a single pole in the middle.

Double Pole Mount

With a double pole mount, your sign is held up by two poles, one on each side. This structure is more stable than a single pole, so it is a good choice for more prominent, heavier signs.

Covered Pole Mount

A covered pole mount hides the poles by covering them up. This is a good choice if you want your sign to look more solid or block-like. The covering will go to the ground, hiding the poles. 

You can decide if you wish your pylon sign to be lit up or not. Most outdoor pylon signs are made of a customized light box with LED lights inside. They can also have a lit-up part that shows numbers.

Double-Sided Or Single-Sided

Depending on where you put your pylon sign, you can choose to have your message show up on just one side or both. If your sign can be seen from both sides, it makes the most sense to have it on both sides.

Illuminated vs or Non-illuminated

Despite being less expensive than its lighted counterparts, non-illuminated Pylon signage are less visible at night.

A digital print in full color is another option for the sign face. You may create the required appearance using anything from plain color to vinyl graphics.

If you want people to take notice of your company, however, an Illuminated Pylon sign is a clear choice. Even though they are more expensive up front, lighted Pylon signs provide a higher return on investment.

The question is how.

An illuminated sign is like having a quiet, constant, and devoted salesman for your company available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Pylon Signs Can Do for You

Putting up a pylon sign for your business has many incredible benefits, such as:

High Visibility

Because pylon signs are so tall and big, they can be seen far away. This gives you high visibility. This means that people driving by can see your business better.

Your sign will be able to reach more people because it will be more visible. This makes it an excellent way to advertise and a great way to get people’s attention.

An Eyecatcher

Because pylon signs must be so big to be seen, they give you a bigger space to work with than you would have with other signs.

With the extra space, you can show off images, logos, and text and still have enough “white space” (also called “negative space”) to make your design look good, be easy to read, and not be too crowded.

Assist Customers in Finding You

If your building is hard to see from the road, a storefront sign might not be the best way to get people to notice you. Putting a pylon sign next to the road is a great way to let people know where you are.

Because of this, pylon signs are a great way to let potential customers know about your business as they pass by.

Build Your Brand

Pylon signs can help you get your name out there. To do this, make sure that your sign matches and promotes your brand’s image by using the same color scheme, design elements, and message as the rest of your signs and marketing tools.

Getting your Pylon Signage From Sunrise Signs

Sunrise Signs is the place to go if you need pylon sign manufacture in Philadelphia. We specialize in high-quality custom signs that make businesses stand out. Our enthusiastic team will collaborate with you to help your business flourish using eye-catching commercial signs.

Look at our portfolio to view some of our recent projects, and keep in mind that you could be our next Philadelphia client. Simply contact us to discuss your signage project and obtain your pylon sign cost estimate.

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