Everything You Need To Know About Monopolon Factions

Inspired by the popular childhood game Monopoly, which was played with one game board with the help of a pair of dice and a paper money stack, Monopolon is a game based on blockchain consisting of some cool characters and exciting features.

It attempts to make you relive those fun childhood memories and make you earn real money as a reward!

Monopolon combines PVP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) game modes. PVP is a game mode where you are required to compete against other players to earn Monopoly over tiles (a certain piece of land). PVE is a game mode where you are required to compete for a high rank in the points table. This makes it feel like there are two games in one game, like Infinity, Rabada and Axie but even more fascinating!

What is unique about Monopolon?

  • Entry at a low cost: Unlike in other P2E games, Monopolon doesn’t ask you to pay any huge amounts of cost to enter and play. It is one of the rarest games that cut off unnecessary additional charges.
  • Real life-like character: Unlike other P2E games, Monopolon is based on characters with real-life personalities. The characters here are actual world tycoons and have human-like qualities. This makes you connect with them even more and makes you more invested in the game. There is a lot more excitement along with earning money.

Faction Leaders of Monopolon:

  • CZI- The Conqueror of Crypto City: Being an entrepreneur and founder of the world’s highest volume of cryptocurrency exchange trading, CZI is here to face and conquer all the hurdles in the world of Monopolon through his crypto bulldozer.
  • Eden- The Mayor of Space City: Starting out with a small e-commerce business on a small level, Eden has entered the world of the automobiles industry. He also is trying to use all those powerful and edgy missiles to blast his opponents on the battlefield.
  • Marko- The Wizard of Meta City: He possesses the roles of being a tech genius, a social creator and a media magnet at once. Marko has developed a system to connect human beings to data on a common platform named Social Media. He is invincible and intends to purchase each piece of land in Monopoly.
  • Mazaguji- The Magnate of Sakura City: He is an entrepreneur who has expertise in technology and investments. He has become a billionaire by inventing telephonic and financial systems used throughout the world of Monopolon.
  • Zack- The Chief of Cultural City: A tycoon of the e-commerce and utility agency business, Zack is a hardworking character who has become successful completely on his own and built his empire.

NFTs in Monopolon:

Another unique factor about Monopolon is that it offers NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) used to create channels and make profits. These NFTs are exclusive and can be used in certain cases of the game bringing true value to the players’ assets. Due to this, the game ecosystem of Monopolon is a long term one fully sustainable.

Being a P2E and P2P game, there is a need for constant upgradation of the characters to compete with their allies and situations. This is the reason why NFTs were introduced in the game. There are a number of them available like- Mystic NFTs, Equipment NFTs etc. You can also get to know about more NFTs when you play the game.

Factions in Monopolon:

Monopolon is a battlefield game shaped as a pentagon. Here players get the chance of rolling a dice every six hours. Depending on what number comes on the dice, the player lands on a grid followed by mining, looting and other activities. The entire game consists of 125 tiles, and also some special features can be accessed in some special places. These places are termed as factions that give extra advantages to the player. This also benefits them over other players.

  • Amazonians: This faction gives you an extra item each time when you visit a shop. It also gives you items at a 5% cheaper rate than others.
  • Bynans: This faction helps in making mining 5% more efficient.
  • Jackknights: This faction gives you an extra dice roll in a day.
  • Musketeers: This faction helps in making raiding 5% more efficient.
  • Zuckarians: This faction provides extra hours to perform on the battlefield.

Faction helps in grabbing opportunities and making them extra efficient so that you are more competent in front of your opponent. Factions do not require any extra cost for accessing and taking advantage of them. Every feature of the game Monopolon is unique if compared to other P2P or P2E games. There is absolutely no reason for you to not try and play Monopolon! Go now!

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