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Everything You Need to know about Kezz 

Kezz’s is winning the hearts of fans all over the world.

Dylan Wayne Rooks aka “Kezz” known professionally as an artist and entrepreneur has been gracing the music scene for nearly a decade. On Spotify, he’s calculated over 700,000 organic listeners and over 2.3 million streams to date, as a Rapper, and Singer. 

Releasing his breakout album in 2020 titled “Undecided” was the moment his career took a promising turn. Featuring 7 tracks of immaculate brilliance, the songs are as diverse as the journey Kezz has taken to exist at the moment.

As original as they come, his ambition drives him and is ultimately a result of how he’s mastered his craft. Completely self-made, Kezz writes, records, mixes, and masters all his work, and as a result, has finessed the complications of having to wait on others to perfect his craft. True entrepreneurship at its finest.

In 2021, he released “Up and Down”. This hit boosted his authority on the music scene and introduced him to some of the biggest of ages. Having worked with T-Pain, Tech N9ne,  and Ashten Ray, his reputation as a production luminary has led to sell-out shows everywhere. 

Recently, Kezz emerged from the recording studio releasing his latest single “S2P”. The title means ‘Something to Prove’ and he’s confidently living through those words. You only get one shot at life and Kezz is aiming with the strength of an artist determined to create his own re. S2P proves he’s meant to move mountains. From the look of things, as well as ultimately to his fans, he’s on his way to the top.

To stay up with all his future events, new music, and more, follow his social media sites below.

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