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Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Hitters

Have you been looking for premium cannabis products? Canna lovers now trust Heavy Hitters as a brand for high-quality, consistently lab-tested cannabis products that are safe to use. You will be enticed by their extensive assortment of weed products, from vapes to edibles to beverages.

Most canna users not only like the superior high from Heavy Hitters’ cannabis products but appreciate the consistent premium quality that the cannabis company guarantees. We will highlight what Heavy Hitters offers and why they’re one of the best bud-tenders in the cannabis industry.

About Heavy Hitters

Since 1996, Heavy Hitters, a California original, has been dedicated to offering high-quality cannabis products and boasts of being ultra-pure and ultra-potent. With an expansive selection of cannabis products like vaporizers, edibles, beverages, and pre-rolls, Heavy Hitters showcases their unwavering dedication to excellence.

Top Products by Heavy Hitters


THC gummies are edible cannabis products that contain THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, responsible for the “high” experienced by users after its consumption. THC gummies are an enticing snack since they resemble regular candy, except with marijuana compounds.

Heavy Hitters offers gummies with mouthwatering flavors, such as BlueberrBlitz and Wild Watermelon, each containing 20 mg of THC per piece. However, if you want to relax and get quality sleep, go with Midnight Cherry, which contains 20 mg THC and 20 mg CBN per piece.


With the legalization of cannabis, pre-rolls have gained prominence over time and are now readily available in the market. Pre-rolls are the perfect choice when you’re short on time or unfamiliar with how to roll a joint.

Heavy Hitters offers a vast range of pre-rolls that you can trust and order right away, some of which are:

  • Raspberry Cough Diamond Infused: For when you want to feel uplifted and focused.
  • Animal Cream Cake Diamond Infused: This one’s ideal when you want to feel relaxed and get quality sleep.
  • Black Haze Infused Pre-Roll: Take this if you want to feel creatively inclined and focused on a busy day.

And this is where we’re just getting started. There are several options to explore, depending on the strain you prefer and the effects you want to experience.


A perfect alternative to alcohol, THC beverages are rapidly taking over the beverage market. Cannabis-infused drinks are easy to consume and great for warm summer nights and fun social occasions.

From the many choices that Heavy Hitters offer, we have narrowed some of them down for you: HVY Marg, HVY Seltzer, HVY Tonic, and HVY Mule. These tangy concoctions are a perfect blend of cannabis strain-native terpenes and liquid trichomes with 25 mg THC to give a sweet and earthy flavor. 


Vaporizers provide a certain level of discretion and make weed consumption easier. Even better, vaping marijuana allows you to get high while using less weed. 

Anyone talking about vaping will almost certainly bring up the name Heavy Hitters. The brand offers diverse options in vapes, such as Strawberry Cough, made up of a top-shelf Sativa strain with energizing and uplifting vibes. In contrast, Mango OG carries a lovely Indica strain grown with ultra purity and potency. And if you are looking for a Hybrid option, Pineapple Express should be your go-to choice for its intense tropical flavor.

Vaporizer Cartridges

And now that Heavy Hitters offers vapes, it’s no surprise that vaporizer cartridges are also on their menu. Once you zero in on the type of strain you’re looking for—Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid—you’ll know what to expect from each type’s effects.

Why Trust Heavy Hitters?

Heavy Hitters offers top-quality cannabis products and ensures they’re in line with industry standards: quality, consistency, and lawfully regulated. They have stringent internal quality assurance and testing standards that comply with or exceed all test requirements established by the State of California. Reputable third-party labs handle the COA testing process. So, if you are doubtful about the quality, get your Heavy Hitters product out, look for the batch number on the back and check out the certificate of analysis provided by the lab partners.

Wrapping Up

So, now that you have a clear idea of Heavy Hitters and the weed products they offer, are you ready to purchase their best canna loot? You can go to Grassdoor to get your favorite Heavy Hitters products today. You will find almost everything from diamond-infused pre-rolls to live rosin vapes to 510 vaporizer cartridges. Once you have what you need, all you have to do is enjoy the sweet buzz that comes with a Heavy Hitters sesh.

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