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Everything You Need to Know About eDPI

eDPI Calculator

With this eDPI Calculator, you can easily compare your adequate mouse sensitivity with your friends, regardless of whether your computer is running any particular hardware or software. Your mouse sensitivity can make or break your game, whether you play CS: GO, Valiant, Fortnight, Over watch, or another shooter or battle royal.

What is DPI?

Dots per inch (DPI) measures how far the cursor moves for every inch the mouse moves. According to this rule, if their DPI is 1200, their mouse will move 1200 pixels per inch. Increasing the DPI will also increase the sensitivity of the mouse. A mouse with a higher DPI will allow you to move the cursor on the screen more dramatically with a slight movement of the mouse.

If there is a DPI button on your mouse, which is often the case with gaming mice, you can change your DPI settings using the software that came with your mouse.

What is the eDPI? 

The competitive nature of gamers is evident in everything they do, such as comparing gear, setups, and settings. Due to those issues, we use another measure, eDPI, instead of DPI or sensitivity. The effective dots per inch (eDPI) are derived from the DPI and the sensitivity to calculate the real mouse sensitivity. How is eDPI calculated? Here is the formula:

EDPI = DPI*sensitivity

The actual mouse sensitivity can easily be compared to this value.

What is Sensitivity?

The setting is in the game. With mouse DPI, players can adjust the mouse’s resolution for a particular game. It is considered a reliable choice when you set the DPI of your mouse to a very high value.

Depending on which game you’re playing, your sensitivity settings will differ. In this case, setting your mouse speed to a general value is recommended to change it quickly.

How to use the eDPI Calculator?

Let’s assume that you want your eDPI value to match that of your friend. Using the eDPI Calculator is as follows:

  • Check your friend’s settings, such as 1000 DPI and 0.8 sensitivity.
  • Depending on the game you are playing, you might have to adjust the level of sensitivity at Sens Converter. In CS: GO, the sensitivity is decimal.
  • The eDPI of a friend is calculated by using the formula below:

EDPI = DPI * sensitivity = 1000 * 0.9 = 900

  • Make sure you have the DPI set at 500.
  • Here is a formula to calculate your required sensitivity:

Sensitivity = eDPI / DPI = 900 / 500 = 1.8


After a hard day of work, it is lovely to relax with some games. Online gamers tend to update their eDPI settings frequently. Using an online eDPI calculator, you can easily calculate the optimum sensitivity for your game.

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