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Everything You Need To Know About Design Patent And Why You Need It

As a business owner or an individual, it becomes essential to protect the uniqueness of how your product looks. But do you know how? Obtaining a design patent can help you with that. If you are considering getting the patent, you will need to hire an experienced design patent attorney, as they are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. Besides, if you are living in New York City, many reliable law firms here offer the assistance of experienced patent attorneys. 

Getting a design patent is a safe idea, especially when considering safeguarding your product’s looks. You might think that a design patent lawyer is similar to a utility attorney. However, that is not the truth, as there is a significant difference between both professionals. For example, a utility lawyer safeguards an invention’s structure or working. Meanwhile, a design patent lawyer assists in protecting the look or appearance of the invention. However, if you are concerned about seeking a design patent lawyer, this guide lists some of the top benefits you may find hiring them helpful. 

Read this comprehensive article below to find out what design patents are and why you need them for your product. 

Understanding The Importance Of A Design Patent 

It is an essential tool that assists in protecting intellectual property rights. Further, by safeguarding the aesthetics of your product, you can assure brand security and ensure that no other company or individual is benefitting from your product’s design.  

It is especially applicable if your business’ product is recognized due to its exclusive aesthetics. For example, the iPhone, a product of Apple, is widely popular specifically due to its looks. Additionally, during the Apple versus Samsung case, the design patent infringement caused Samsung to pay hefty charges. 

Besides, since the design is a critical element of any product, it becomes crucial to protect the uniqueness of aesthetics. Hence, patents assist in maintaining the distinctiveness of the product in the market. This significantly lowers the chances of stiff competition and will eventually help maintain brand security and customer engagement. 

The process for getting such patents might take a lot of work. Hence, hiring a design patent attorney is always recommended as they are well versed in the entire process and will help you obtain patents within a lesser period. Further, if you or your company is based in New York City, many reliable law firms here are known for delivering the best solutions to their clients. 

Reasons You Need A Design Patent 

Getting such patents can be helpful in several ways. Some of them include maintaining product distinctiveness, reducing competition for your product, and improving customer appeal. Read below to find out the top reasons why you need it: 


  • Maintain Product Distinctiveness

Design patents prevent any individual or company from copying the aesthetics of a patented product. Hence, a unique look may help maintain a distinct product image in the market. 


  • Lower Your Competition

When the looks cannot be copied, it means that any of your competitors cannot release a similarly designed product, thereby reducing the risk of competition. 


  • Enhance Customer Appeal

Another important aspect is that aesthetics is crucial in aesthetically pleasing customers. A unique look may set your product apart from the rest of the products available on the market. 


In essence, design patents are a necessary aspect of maintaining the distinctiveness of products. In this context, hiring a skilled professional can be significantly beneficial. Many trusted law firms in New York City provide the best design protection solutions to their clients.


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