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Everything you need to know about Colocation Services



If you have multiple servers for your online business, office, or other needs, building a data center becomes an important step for facilitating the smooth functioning of the servers. There can be many limitations to building a new data center that may hinder the process. Hence, to save the server users from this complex issue, colocation was designed, as a facility to harbor privately owned servers and networking equipment in a third-party data center. You may have several questions in mind right now regarding how to choose the suitable colocation service for your business, but in this article, you will get to know the key factors that you need to assess for successful selection of a colocation service.



It is important for you to choose the location of the service provider. This is one of the determining factors because the pricing of such services is also dependent on the location. You should select a colocation service in such a location so that it is near your operating office and is cost-effective. Many remote places offer low-cost colocation services. However, connectivity can fluctuate very severely due to increased distance between the facility and operating points.




You have to also look into the bandwidth offered by the data center at the colocation facility. Typically, the ones charging a decent amount of money offer the best bandwidth you can get. In other words, the better the bandwidth, the higher the cost. However, it is worth it because you will have many more perks of using a colocation service.




Price of opting for a colocation service can be another determining factor besides location. Generally, the monthly charge may range from $45 to $300 per U per month. U here refers to the unit of rack space required for your purpose. For more details, you can refer to various articles highlighting the issue Colocation Pricing Guide: How much does colocation cost for server space?




The next important criterion is an assessment of the power consumption or cost of electricity in a specific colocation facility. Depending on the location of the facility, it may vary by a great amount. Therefore, you should look into the power fees of a facility before selecting it right away.





Depending on the servers, you will need to rent a definite area of space for its accommodation. By space, the price does not only limit to the physical occupancy but also the costs of maintenance and expenses required for operation. Therefore, you should first assess the space and cost required for your purpose and then begins the following steps of finalization.



There are many perks to using a colocation service, including cost efficiency, no in-house space requirement, enhanced or higher level of bandwidth compared to that provided in a typical office. Because colocation essentially means a shared facility. The entire cost of floor space, cooling services, power consumption fees, etc., are shared or divided among all the tenants. Also, you do not need to rent or arrange for a space to accommodate the servers separately. With colocation, you can do so without any worrying. Lastly, a colocation service offers you much better bandwidth than a standard server room can never afford to provide.


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