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Everything You Need To Know About Clicker Games

clicker games

The type of game that, as the name indicates, involves clicking continuously and repeatedly to proceed in the game is known as clicker games.

Purpose of Clicking Games

Generally, clicking is done through the mouse left button or keyboards like the online spacebar counter and test. Sometimes called idle or incremental games are mainly played in leisure or free time and can be considered a great time pass.

Since it is controlled through clicking so mouse efficiency and sensitivity control the performance of such games to improve the functioning of the clicker game, these types of games generally offer some currency that is used to purchase items like outfits, armor suits, etc.

The characters or sometimes themes vary depending on the type and kind of game or kind of enhancing characters so as to attract the players. Sometimes rewards are also offered to the player.

In short, many kinds of clicker games can be seen varying in color, themes, sizes, outfits, etc. The rapid growth of power, cost, rewards, shoot-ups, and bonuses is what makes clicker games better known as incremental or idle games more fun and satisfying for the players.

Moreover, giving decision power to the player for example choices between paths, vehicles, outfit change or any sort of choice develops the interest of the player which greatly favors clicker games ratings. These mechanics in the clicker games provide moments of joy-spreading and relaxing which satisfies the players emotionally making them feel good and countering boredom as well as grinding feelings earning likes for the clicker games.

History of Clicking Games

Historically, the first clicker game was attributed to progress questin the year 2002 by ERIC FREDRIKSON which actually was a parody of MMORPG’s stats and auto-attack. Later on, the trend attracted the attraction of the people making the first-ever game of genre named Kongregate on July 24, 2007, which is named so because the game actually runs by itself offering people chat in a specified chatbox; which initiated auto clicker games opening a wide range of choices for clicker idle games for the players.

Moreover, the switching of objects is also one of the best kind and most liked types of clicker games. it offers a wide range of free choices to the players making them victorious on almost every move causing emotional satisfaction and countering depression like psychological problems.

CANDY CRUSH is one the most played games on the Facebook social app in 2012 -2017 afterward a number of derived kinds of games like candy crush soda saga. Candy bears. Candy farms etc and thousands of games based on the same switching principle are seen in years.

It actually triggered the trend of clicker games and today in 2021 we can actually find hundreds of clicker idle games. candy box, let me out, basketball, an,d, etc. The website named FRIV offers 250 kinds of games on the same page which includes 80% clicker games and many more sites like can be found on Google. 

We have also some very basic clicking game available online like click speed test games; these type of game helps to improve clicking speed and also fun to play.

CONCLUSIVELY, clicker games are one of the best depression alleviating sources found on the internet today many of them even rated 4. 7stars ( i.e rated high alluding high demand on the internet today) which are present abundantly and offering psychological relaxation.

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