Everything You Need To Know About Body Butter

Body butter is one of the many skin moisturizers that mainly contains shea butter, coconut oil, and vegetable oils or butter. The key feature of body butter is that it is thicker than body lotions and moisturizers because of the high amount of buttery content. Body butter is famous for having extremely effective nourishment and refreshing character which makes it perfect for dry skin. 

You can apply body butter all over your body skin or just on the problem patches that are dry like elbows and knees. If you are having dry skin problems and want to skin to be hydrating and glowy, give body butter a try if you have not tried it before. Read more to know how to use the body butter and get some buttery tips as well.

How to Use Body Butter

Knowing when, where, and how to use body butter is a necessary point to have healthy skin. We will discuss some of the basic things below that you must know to get a moisturized and healthy look for your dry skin. 

Get a Spreadable Body Butter for Easy Use

You can find the spreadable body butter by looking at the label, mentioning “Whipped”. If you cannot find the body butter with a whipped label on it, find the one with the blends like coconut oil or butter that remain liquid at room temperature. 

The reason why you need a spreadable body butter is that it is easy to scoop out plus it spreads smoothly, hence, easy to apply as well. However, if the body butter you choose is thicker at room temperature, you can still apply it as a moisturizer. Scoop out the amount you want to use and warm it on your palm, then apply.

Apply Before Bed to Have an Extreme Moisture Treatment

Sleeping after applying body butter on your skin helps it to have more time to soak in. moreover, blanket heat will also keep you warm which adds in as a more intensive treatment. 

You do not have to do this treatment every day but only once or twice a week if you have oily or normal skin. However, with dry skin, you can do intensive treatment every day. 

Use Within 5 Minutes of Showering

You can apply body butter after having a shower at any time of the day, however, for the best benefits, take a shower before bed and then apply. When you apply the moisturizer right after the shower, it seals the moisture, remaining on the skin for a longer time. Getting a warm shower is preferable as hot water dries out your skin even more. 

Dry Wet Skin by Dabbing, Leaving a Little Moisture

Remove most of the water from the skin by dabbing but make sure your skin looks dewy. The body butter will seal your skin with a light layer of moisture. However, when you have too much water on your skin, it will be hard to smooth the lotion as the butter will interact with water.

Scoop Out the Dime-sized Amount

For scooping out the body butter, you can use a spatula or your fingers. The key is to apply the lotion in small amounts which will take longer than typical lotion to apply but provide a smooth feel instead of greasy. Using a spatula is good for hygiene as using fingers will get the body butter under your nails and may also contaminate the container with bacteria on your hands.

Rub In Using Firm and Long Strokes

Using the palm of your hands is the easier way to apply on the skin. Apply the body butter on the joint areas like knees and elbows as they are dryer spots. Use circular and firm strokes for a good application. Stop when you feel that you have smooth skin with a thin and even layer. Your skin may also look a bit shiny or greasy.

Work in Small Sections

Make sure you do not apply too much body butter on your body as it may start to feel a lot greasy. Try to work in a small section using a small amount of lotion and continue until you feel satisfyingly moisturized. You can also create a pattern like starting from your feet and then up covering your complete body.

Dab a Second Layer on Dry Patches

You can apply a second layer on dry spots like your hands, feet, elbows, knees, and any area that looks cracked or dry. Remember to apply in small amounts and dab to maintain a thin layer of body butter, keeping a non-greasy texture. If you feel like you have applied too much body butter, wipe it off with a towel.

Dry the Body Butter Before Putting On Clothes

As body butter is thicker than lotion, it takes a longer time to soak in the skin. But it does not take a lot of time but just a few minutes. When you no longer feel your skin greasy, it is dry and soaked in. Putting on clothes right after applying the lotion may cause oil stains on your clothes. Hence, try to wait a few minutes to prevent any oil stains.

Do Not Use Body Butter on Your Face

As body butter has a thick and concentrated texture, it may block the skin pores of your face. Clogging the pores with body butter may result in pimples which you certainly do not want. That is why only use moisturizers that are formulated for facial skin. 


Having dry skin is extremely irritating and it may also cause rashes and cracked patches. Most people with dry skin encounter this difficulty and body butter is a great solution for that. As this lotion has a mixture of different oils and butter, it makes a great combination to moisturize your skin.

You will find a number of benefits that applying body butter provides your skin. Now, you know how to apply body butter to your skin to get the most effective results. Get yourself a body butter and say goodbye to dry and cracky skin.

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