Everything You Need To Know About Adding Languages to Your Shopify Store With Weglot


Owning a Shopify store is a dream come true for many business-minded people. It is an impeccable way of growing your brand, acquiring loyal customers, gaining new ideas, and getting creative with your marketing strategies. 


Many businesses will work diligently to ensure it’s easy for customers to find what they need. They will ensure every content provided is accurate and relevant. Most importantly, they will offer a variety of customer service functionalities.


It is wise to invest extensively and expand your reach online. This means your e-commerce store should rank among the best. Many business owners will do anything possible to sell internationally. After all, the goal is to sell more and grow your clientele base.


To go global, you have to improve your localization strategy. The strategy entails translating your content to connect with a new audience and a voice easy to fathom. You will need to incorporate relevant cultural tones to feel familiar instead of replacing the English words you use with translated texts.


One thing is certain when localizing your offering for different countries. If the target audiences cannot explore your products and services in their native language, they will likely look elsewhere. 


 Many people may be complacent and assume online searches are only conducted in English. However, most online searches are conducted in other languages besides English.


Should you be concerned if your online store isn’t in the native languages of your target audience? Most definitely YES. Your store won’t appear in search results, and no one will find you.


So, that means you need to translate and localize your Shopify store. This is done practically by offering your store content in the preferred languages of your target audiences. But how do you go about and excel in hitting your conversion goals?


Keep reading to find out more.


Translate the Whole of Your Shopify Store Confidently 

If you are ready to translate your Shopify store, you might be tempted to go the traditional route of using  local translators. Even though translators will give you accurate results, they are also costly and the process as a whole can be quite lengthy, meaning you won’t launch in new markets as quickly as you’d like. It also doesn’t help with actually displaying the content of your store. 

Using a translation app and adding languages on Shopify with Weglot is a fast and practical way to translate your store instantly, without manual back and forth processes. 


Translation solutions or apps like Weglot allow you to start selling in new markets instantly. This app makes it easy to add different languages to your Shopify store and create a great multilingual experience for your international visitors.

Weglot is used by thousands of  global Shopify stores


The Weglot translation app detects, translates and displays the content of your Shopify store under language subdomains/subdirectories. Not only that, but the simple install available directly inside the Shopify platform means anyone can add it to their store, without any developer efforts needed.


Using a first layer of machine translation, you’ll then get complete control over your  website translations if you choose to make manual edits.  When making edits, you can choose to do those through a translations list view or using the visual editor where you’ll see your translations in a live preview of your site. 


Why Trust Weglot and Add Languages to Your Shopify Store

There are a number of  features of using this app you won’t overlook. They include:


Simple Fast Installation

You don’t need any coding expertise to translate your web pages. Weglot is a no-code solution allowing you to  instantly translate your whole store.

All you need to do is add Weglot through your Shopify dashboard, select the original language of your site and choose the languages you want to add.  Your store will be automatically detected, translated and displayed under language subdomains. The app offers 100+ languages you can instantly translate, including custom languages.


Compatible with All Shopify Themes

Once you install Weglot, it will not change how you sell your products and services. It works with all your Shopify themes and apps installed in your store.


Multilingual SEO Ready (subdirectories or subdomain)

For an e-commerce store to stand out, it has to be professionally SEO-optimized. The good news? Weglot follows the same Google search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. 

Your Shopify store content and keywords will be appropriately indexed by following these practices. 


Automatically Added Language Switcher

After installing Weglot, a language switcher will automatically appear on your store giving your website visitors the option to switch between the language of their choice. 

Unmatched Customer Support 

 The Weglot support team is on standby to further help users with any areas where they need additional help.


How to Add Languages to Shopify 

If Weglot is your number one app for adding languages to Shopify, here is how to undertake the whole process.

  1. Find Weglot on Shopify’s App Store.
  2. Add the app and click on the “Install” button.
  3. Create your Weglot account. The platform offers a chance to start a 10-day free trial.
  4. Add your target languages plus the original language of your site.
  5. Set up language subdirectories or subdomains and be more searchable by potential clients.

Summing Up

A multi language Shopify store will quickly help you achieve your business goals. It will help reach a larger audience, improve conversion rates, give you a competitive advantage, and improve brand image. However, it is not that easy to add languages to your website if you don’t know where to start.

The most practical solution is to rely on Weglot, a Shopify translation app that will make it easy and quick to add languages.

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