Everything You Have to Know About “The Super Loot Cricket NFT Drop”

NFT Cricket Loot Box: What and How to get your hands on it.

To begin with, non-fungible tokens have unconditionally and easily become part of the cryptocurrency holder’s portfolio as a result of the recent rise in the decentralized market. It’s no surprise that the NFT industry has flourished in recent years, propelling these tokens into every corner of society. One of the most significant sectors that have garnered a lot of attention in recent years is NFT gaming.

Now, what is NFT Gaming?

The passionate art of seeking out limited collections of rare art and souvenirs has a long history in society. Moreover, the inevitable introduction of non-fungible tokens in the gaming industry as a digital currency makes an asset holder to claim and track the ownership of that asset. Thereby, catapult the reselling price and engrave the uniqueness in the blockchain. Converting the game’s assets into non-fungible tokens is a new and interesting approach to showcase, tying up a supplementary passive cash stream. On the authorized marketplace sites, these non-fungible tokens are then exchanged, sold, lent, and borrowed. All of these items are part of NFT gaming’s compound collection.

Now comes the loot boxes,

NFT gaming is one of the greatest and most important trends of 2022, and it will be difficult to ignore. This will add value and provide the player with non-custodial control while earning NFT in play-to-earn. Nowadays, these in-game item assets arrive in the form of a loot box, which will inherit the game’s components and goods in a non-fungible token format. Because these loot boxes are made in such a random manner, finding a legendary item in the most common box is sometimes a matter of chance. These loot boxes are in-game purchases that provide goods and alterations to the player in the form of a microtransaction.

Here comes the World’s First Cricket NFT loot box

In support of the guardian link’s play-to-earn NFT game in the metaverse, the countdown to the world’s first NFT loot box of P2E cricket game has begun. The NFT treasure box will serve as a gatekeeper for the NFT cricket game and will make a significant impact. For the holders of 5 super loot cricket NFTs, they will get access to the treasure box. The drop of 25,000 cricket NFTs will take place on “” trading NFT Marketplace, which will become the world’s first metaverse cricket game and the decentral universe’s Jewel of the Crown. The Guardianink, a Singapore-based blockchain development organization, is bringing you this official news.

The countdown has already started

This particular cricket game is expected to receive a lot of positive feedback from users all around the Asian subcontinent. According to the company’s ambitious CEOs, the game would be helpful to both cricket fans and professional gamers, NFT anthesis. Because of cricket fans and the power of blockchain augmented reality, this forthcoming NFT loot box drop will be in the limelight. These cricket fans will be able to experience the pleasure of being a part of the world’s first metaverse sports NFT game from the comfort of their own homes. To begin with, check out the website and proceed with registration with a valid email address and add funds to your wallet.

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