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Do you have an unwavering passion for video games? Maybe you are an independent game developer who cannot run a traditional marketing campaign due to a lack of funds and resources? VoxPop Games provides a developmental platform for independent game developers to promote their games and gain revenue.

What is the Exclusive Vox Pop Games Platform?

VoxPop Games, a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) game distribution and development platform, provides a profit-sharing business model to its clients globally. With inception in December 2018, it is a brand-new gaming distribution platform that aims to benefit independent game developers, players, and video game streaming personalities.

The exciting peer-to-peer independent video games platform has helped smaller independent game developers, including indie developers, to participate in various development events across the country.

VoxPop Games differs from other names in distribution (Steam, Epic, etc.) due to it providing a new core profit-sharing model for gamers. The platform is designed to allow developers to promote their games with no money upfront by giving a percentage of their profits to anyone who helps get those games sold.

This has obvious applications in recruiting influencers, as developers can assign specific percentages to specific people. But you don’t need to have an audience to participate: by default, every game does still need to leave some earnings parsed out for user incentives, ensuring that any user big or small can take a share by recommending games to their friends or simply seeding files on their computer. This way, by simply adjusting percentage payouts, developers gain access to a powerful organic marketing tool. 

VoxPop’s vision is to help independent developers get their unique creations out in the world for all the audience to view and enjoy them without spending millions of dollars for marketing purposes. VoxPop believes that every voice matters and the world is richer for having games that aren’t just sequels and remakes. 

The Profit-Sharing Model of Vox Pop

Charles Yu, the founder and CEO of VoxPop Games, along with the co-founder Marc Anthony Rodriguez, discussed the launch of the VoxPop platform, and its mission of supporting streamers and independent developers by utilizing a profit-sharing model. 

The profit-sharing model allows the developers to set a profit share percentage called Pop Share for each game they have on the store. The minimum profit share is set at 3%. When a user recommends a game and the other customers purchase that game from the recommendation list, the user will get a profit equal to the Pop Share of that game. Moreover, if a client owns a game, it will enable them to get a fraction of a share in Vox Coin each time anyone makes a sale of the same title. Buy a game, and you can make a large cash profit.

Using this profit-sharing method, an independent developer gets the opportunity to spread the awareness of games that the audience can enjoy during their leisure hours. The platform thereby helps them to create a marketing system that is much cheaper and feasible for the average indie developer. Although the indie developers lack money to buy ads in the first place, they may have some extra cash but don’t want to risk spending. The profit-sharing model of VoxPop solves all these issues of small and independent developers.

Developers can use VoxCoin to purchase games at any time or save it and cash-out real-world money.

Other marketing tools employed by VoxPop

The other marketing tools include the services of streamers and content creators who help in marketing the games. The streamers play and enjoy the game and shout it from the rooftops. The content creators hype up the game in their videos, blogs, or reviews. 

Engaging these steamers is also easier than ever, thanks to VoxPop’s new bounty board system. Developers can place public bounties for their games – including information such as genre and profit shared per unit sold – and streamers who are interested can apply to showcase those games. 

It works in the other direction too. Gaming influencers who need a game to fill their sponsorship schedule can post their viewership information and the amount they’d like to make per sale, and interested developers can submit their games to them.

The Future Goals of VoxPop

Currently serving as the COO of VoxPop Games, Marc Anthony Rodriguez has been involved with his passion for expanding the voice of the VoxPop Games Community on its development platform. Speaking at various conventions and game developer conferences, he shared his experiences and continued his quest to develop an exclusive VoxPop Games Platform.

He stated,

“My goal is to provide an insight into the theorems behind the Gamification of our daily lives. I focus on identifying differing user experiences on a daily basis, just enough to see what makes people tick.”

At present, VoxPop has 40+ Twitch Streamers and independent developers affiliated with the company. As VoxPop expands in the coming months, it aims to introduce new developmental strategies such as issuing RFPs to independent studios to aid and fund potential VoxPop Games Platforms. The company will provide exclusive titles to the potential games’ platforms to host for 4 to 6 months on VoxPop before going wider to other additional platforms for revenue. Clients can see the exclusive VoxPop Games Platform titles that are available on VoxPop developmental platforms.

VoxPop is trying to expand the voice of small-scale independent game developers and video game influencers globally. With support from the streamers, content creators, viewership, and its amazing community, VoxPop wants to disrupt the gaming industry by linking its underserved sides together.

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