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Every mistake that I have made has taught me something. Rosetta Qadhi rejects the concept of regrets.

Life without blows and failure doesn’t exist in the real world. We can live in a world of lies and believe that there is no such thing as mistakes, but in reality, mistakes are crucial to success. There has been no successful self-made person who hasn’t made a single mistake, and it is the very thing that gave meaning to win, accomplishment, and achievements. “Life ain’t about how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and still keep moving forward?” It is the risk and gamble that keep us on our toes. The biggest lessons are usually learned through mistakes. Every mistake that you will make will you taught something. Life is all about ups and downs, and it’s a roller coaster ride that deserves to be enjoyed, cherished, and lived. Every moment is precious, and every attempt is meant to be applauded. 

No human is perfect, and mistakes are inevitable. There is no doubt you will make mistakes. Thomas Edison tried 100 times to create a light bulb. Every time he failed, he regretted his attempts. Thoughts of giving up and letting his dream go were consuming him, but he was stubborn to achieve greatness. With every effort, he learns “What not to do.” Learning all his lessons from his mistake, he created the “Light bulb,” which laid the foundation for human modern age development. Imagine if he had given up or gotten scared of making mistakes. The world as we know it would not exist.

Knowing how to turn the tables and rise back up after making mistakes is something some people understand better than others. Rosetta Qadhi is one of the most prominent and leading life coaches worldwide. With immense experiences, she helped thousands of people like us to get back on their feet and get back into life. She understood how difficult it could be to rise back after making mistakes. In her journey throughout her life, she learns how important it is to have self believe and move on from regrets and failure. Being afraid to make mistakes is a shared fear among ever-breathing souls, but the biggest regret in life can only be not trying for something. 

Rosetta Qadhi is the President and CEO of Think & Grow Rich Caribbean, a successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Jamaica and grew up in poverty due to her working-class parents. She was forced to live with her relatives because her parents could not afford to feed their children. She moved from one relative to another as if she were an unwanted object. The mistake her parent made taught her to be challenging and ambitious. She was born with nothing and was raised like a burden. She didn’t have the luxury of making mistakes, but this didn’t stop her from dreaming big. She understood that her life and dreams are only depending upon her hard work. She knew that to achieve her goals, she had to make mistakes and pay for the consequences. Making mistakes played an essential part in her becoming the successful woman she is today. Rosetta pushed the bar with Think and Grew Rich Institute while others dreamed. She attributes her success and finding and transforming herself into a successful full-life coach, intending to help people like us to get out of regrets and enable us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. 

Learning from the rich experiences of people like Rosetta Qadhi, we can be confident that mistakes are not our enemies. Denying them and ignoring their lessons can cause much bigger pain and loss. To be more efficient towards your goals, it is necessary to be on your A-game every single day of your life. Feeling regretful and afraid of making new mistakes can only delay your success, and it can stop you from learning in life. Feeling regret is normal, but not understanding “What you did wrong,” can circle you back to this exact point in life. Life is not a race with others. Instead, it is competing with your past self. To be the best version of yourself today, you need to study and learn from your mistakes. Hitting rock bottom might not be in your hands but staying there does. To overcome any struggle in life, a little help from a professional can always come in handy. Never feel ashamed in admitting a mistake and always reject regrets like a boss.

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