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Every average Canadian wants a secured card that has minimum initial and annual

Every average Canadian wants a secured card that has minimum initial and annual fees with maximum benefits to handle their finances. If they find an outstanding combination of digital flexibility, automatic saving account maintenance, and few rewards, they will choose it instantly.

In the Neo secured credit card review, you can find a similar secured card that is the favorite of all Canadians. There are multiple credit card options in Canada but they have very high annual fees, credit card approval fees and don’t offer any discounts.

What is a Neo Secured Card:

Neo secured card is a credit card that has an initial security deposit as a backup and mostly it is equal to the card limit to make a safe business for Neo company. However, Neo Financials has decreased its security deposit to facilitate its customers beyond the boundaries.

This secured card is designed by Neo Financials specifically to help those who have low or no credit card scores because most credit card companies only issue credit cards to those who have good credit card scores and history.

Why Neo Secured Card:

Although multiple financial companies offer cards in Canada people want to select Neo Secure. Do you know the reason for this interest and shift? Let me explain to you here and you will get a clear picture at the end of Neo secured review.

Neo Financial is a Canadian company of Finance and technology that serves people through credit card and savings accounts with high-interest rates. To surprise its customers Neo has launched a few customer-oriented programs such as welcome bonuses, cash back, and free-spending offers.

In a very short duration, it has become one of the leading companies in Canada due to its great financial user experience and updates with the latest tools to value money and achieve the goals of the lives of its customers. Furthermore, it does not have any monthly or annual fees.

Benefits of Neo Secured Card:

Neo secured card is customer oriented card with the following benefits and perks;

  •         Neo secured cards do not have any hidden fees such as annual or monthly fees.
  •         For new customers, it welcomes with open hearts by offering a bonus that is 15 % cash back on the first purchase on average without any minimum purchase limits and expiry date for the bonus.
  •         Neo Financials does not require any strict inquiry during card application and if you meet their criteria, your card application will be approved with a 100 % guarantee.
  •         Neo Financials does not interfere with the personal space of their card holders and therefore does not make hard credit card checks.
  •         Cash back offer is one of the best things about Neo secured cards because when some of your cash comes back to you for shopping or topping your credits, it gives immense pleasure.

Neo-secured cards can solve the problem of low or no credit card scores and can be issued instantly without any hard checks and balances. It also facilitates customers by giving rewards, cash back, and free purchase opportunities from Neo stores.

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