EverGrow Coin (ECG): How does it work and where to buy it? 

EverGrow Coin (ECG): How does it work and where to buy it? 

EverGrow Coin (ECG) is one of the largest stablecoin reward tokens available on the market today. The EGC token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and adheres to the BEP-20 standard, which can be compared to a schematic outlining the usage guidelines. EverGrow stands out from similar products because it includes an integrated token rewards system that enables buyers to generate passive revenue in Binance USD (BUSD) even when the market experiences a downturn. 

Additionally, EverGrow Coin is a hyper-deflationary coin, which means that as time goes on, less of it will be available on the market. It means that the price of the remaining EverGrow coins will increase due to scarcity. This cutting-edge mechanism has worked flawlessly since its inception, enabling the project to attract 138,000 investors and establish itself as the top stablecoin for passive income worldwide.

How Does EverGrow Work?

Through a token rewards mechanism that activates on each transaction, the EverGrow currency functions by providing its holders with a reliable passive income. The token’s contract charges a 14 percent transaction fee for each time an investor buys, sells, or trades the token. An amount equal to 8% of that fee is returned to investors in the form of BUSD, much like a dividend in traditional stock. Simply by holding it in a wallet, BUSD’s passive income maintains the stability of the token over the long term, even if the value of the EverGrow Coin itself fluctuates.

Equal shares of the remaining 6% are distributed among a liquidity pool, buyback and burn, development, and marketing. The project’s ultimate objective is for all net profits to be returned back to investors as passive income; but at this moment, 100% of net profits are going toward buyback and burn.

An intriguing feature of EverGrow is that its founders and team generate income and revenue through the same rewards program as investors. It means that both the investors and the coin’s producers share the same objectives; that is what EGC Chairman Sam Kelly has referred to as a “share in an ecosystem” coin. 

Where to Buy EverGrow Coins? 

EverGrow is currently available on BitMart and PancakeSwap, from where interested individuals can purchase it. Note that BitMart doesn’t provide services in America, so American investors may choose PancakeSwap as an alternative.

Users can purchase EverGrow Coin with BNB or BUSD using a compatible wallet. You can use the WalletConnect feature on the website to connect a compatible wallet to the EverGrow exchange by scanning a QR code.

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