Why EVE Token is the Next Big Thing – A Review of Devery Blockchain.

EVE is an ERC-20 token to be used on Devery, a verification platform. EVE token is not just another monopoly money as Devery is a real business solving a real problem. The token presale commenced on the 14th of December 2017 with a 5 percent bonus and expects a minimum contribution of 20ETH. Crowdsale is set to commence on the 12th of January 2018 where the minimum will be 0.1ETH with the hard cap of the total token sale set at US$10 million. ICO contributors will own 60 percent of the total token supply.

Why Devery is a Business Solving a Real Problem

Devery is a blockchain based open source product verification protocol that seeks to help in the fight against counterfeit goods. To achieve this, Devery will help e-commerce suppliers to secure their supply chain from infiltration by counterfeits. This will not only help consumers who will be assured of getting the exact products ordered but also the suppliers whose sales will rise, thanks to increased customer confidence.

How it Works

With Devery blockchain platform, customers can verify the authenticity of items being sold online. Currently, there is a major problem with e-commerce because consumers are forced to trust that online retailers will provide legitimate items. Unfortunately, not every online retailer is a gentleman. Some decide to post items that are completely different from what the consumer intended to purchase. Devery has come up with the solution to this problem by ensuring that as a consumer, you can check the legitimacy of an item on the Devery platform before purchasing it. Whether you are a manufacturer, a retailer or any other party, you can assign a unique signature to a product, services or digital goods issued, sold or traded online.

Online Product Verification

As an online retailer, you can verify the authenticity of all product and services that you sell online. To achieve this, you can assign a unique ID signature to each product with a third party verification application built on the Devery protocol. You can then display unique one-time use hashes generated from the assigned ID a potential customer who wishes to verify the authenticity of a product. The customer can log onto to the application and enter a product code to verify its authenticity.

Benefits to Manufacturers

The greatest victims of counterfeiting are the manufacturers and consumers. It is common for unscrupulous suppliers to sell goods manufactured by a certain organization while in real sense supplying counterfeit goods of inferior quality. The immediate victim is the consumer who does not get value for money. However, in the long term, the manufacturer suffers because consumers consider their brand to be of inferior quality. Sales may drop leading to a drop in profits. With Devery, if a supplier mixes counterfeit items with the legitimate ones, the counterfeits will be identified and marked illegitimate, thus protecting the manufacturer’s brand.

Three Pillars of Devery

  • Secure Distribution
  • Counterfeit Protection
  • Supply Chain Transparency

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