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European Union and Innovation Fund recognized Localizely (translation management platform) as innovative

Translation software

European Union and Innovation Fund supported Localizely.

Localizely is a young team that developed a translation management platform in 2018. This is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the translation management of software products.

The platform was developed and focused on Flutter technology. It was the first one that had specific features just for Flutter like Over air translation updates.

Now little more than 500 000 Flutter developers use free and paid tools from Localizely.

Innovations that came with Localizely

  • Extremely easy-to-use interface (no need for manuals).
  • Over-the-air translation updates for Flutter technology.
  • Open-source tools for Flutter.

The European Union and Innovation Fund opened grant investing opportunities, and Localizely was recognized for being an innovative company and is now co-financed by the EU Fund.

The first innovation implemented with the support of the European Union and Innovation fund is a unique solution that allows product managers and translators to simultaneously monitor text changes in the application on their mobile devices – an in-context editor.

Their innovative path will be accelerated with this support. And be prepared to see a lot more from them.

Currently, users are mainly from the United States, Germany, and Spain. But this can easily vary, and the product is made for global use.

Localizely is very popular in the Flutter community, but its goal is to reach out to other technologies.

How in-context editor works

Available to everyone, the innovative Localizely solution accelerates the development of multilingual applications, making translation convenient and accessible with minimal errors.

Check out how Localizely new feature works in the following video.

The development path of Localizely

The company’s CEO, Goran Luledzija, has many years of software development experience in different companies.

In the course of his career, he noticed similar pain points regarding the translation of software products and similar obstacles while companies planned to enter new markets.

When the product is translated into many languages it doubles the reach and probability that people will buy it. In the software case, these translations had to go through the process of making their locale. That is why this software translation is often called software localization.

The process of localization needed to include different sectors – from engineering to developers, project or localization managers to translators, and designers.

In order to have a successful localization, all these processes needed to be done in parallel.

Also, from the developer side, the pain points were file transformation, context, and re-entering the translated part into the code.

Copying the texts, converting the file formats, merging them, and manually evaluating their quality was not effective.

Plus it had a context problem, that increased back-and-forth communication between translator and developer by more than 70%.

This was not cost-effective. Not to mention that it could jeopardize the quality and consistency of translation.

Goran noticed that this could be automated, while working on another job he started developing this platform.

Simplification of translation management that Localizely brought

Localizely platform connects all the parts of the translation process from the developer and management to the translator.

  • The platform ensures consistency.
  • The comments section, task management, and reporting are ensuring better collaboration during the translation part.
  • Users can order a professional translation in a couple of minutes with an exact time and price estimate on the platform.
  • Developers’ work is much easier with screenshot management (that provides context) and a wide range of files that the platform supports.

Now all is in one place, in one dashboard.


The localization industry is booming. Businesses realize that reaching out to customers in their native language is a competitive advantage, and doing it properly is cutting-edge.

The European Union together with the Innovation Fund recognized the importance of this kind of translation and collaboration technology.Visit the Localizely website and see all the possibilities of translation management platforms and stay tuned for new innovations to come.

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