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Eugenio Giani the governor of Tuscany posted on Facebook that the helicopter had crashed in a mountain region at the border between Tuscany, Emilia Romagna

Local authorities announced that rescuers found seven bodies in an Italian helicopter crash. This was two days after the plane disappeared from radar screens.

The helicopter took off from Lucca, Tuscany on Thursday and was headed towards Treviso, when it was stranded in bad weather in a remote area.

The rescuers found the seven passengers aboard the helicopter dead, two of them Lebanese and four of Turkish nationality. They were on a business trip in Italy. The prefect’s office in Modena also confirmed that the Italian pilot was dead.

According to the statement, the helicopter was discovered in a mountainous region near the border of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

The area has been cordoned off by the authorities as part of their investigation. We got the coordinates and went to the scene, where everything was burned. “The helicopter is in a valley near a stream,” said a rescuer in a video posted to the Italian Air Force’s Twitter account.

These Turkish businessmen were employed by Eczacibasi Consumer Products (ECZYT.IS ), a subsidiary of the major Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi. According to the company, they had been at a paper technology fair in Italy. Read more

According to Reuters, the helicopter was an AW119 Koala made by Leonardo (LDOF.MI). A source close to the matter said that it was an AW119 Koala.

According to the ANSA news agency, it was owned and operated by Avio Helicopters, an aeronautic and transport maintenance company based in Thiene in northern Italy. Authorities said that seven people died in the crash in which their helicopter crashed into a mountainous, heavily forested area in north-central Italy.

Air Force Col Alfonso Cipriano (Air Force Rescue Coordination Center) coordinated the search. A mountain runner had reported that he saw what he believed to be a piece of the mangled helicopter and tipped rescuers off to the crash site.

A regional governor in Italy said that five people died in a helicopter crash. Two passengers are still missing after the aircraft disappeared from radar screens two days ago.
Eugenio Giani (the governor of Tuscany) posted on Facebook that the helicopter had crashed in a mountain region at the border between Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, and Tuscany. On Saturday, the bodies of five victims were discovered.
After taking off from Lucca, Tuscany on Thursday, the helicopter was headed toward Treviso in northern Italy when it lost radar. It had hit bad weather high above a hilly area.
The helicopter carried seven people, including four Turkish businessmen who work for Eczacibasi Consumer Products. It is a subsidiary of the large Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi. The company stated that they were attending an Italian paper technology fair.

According to data from the main health research institute of Italy, the coronavirus infection rate in Italy is now on the rise, but the transmission rate remains low.

According to Xinhua news agency, Italy’s National Institute of Health reported that the number of cases rose for the first week in weeks for the period ending Thursday. It reached 222 cases per 100,000 people.

This is an increase of 207 for every 100,000 people over the week before.

The Rt rate, which is a measure of the speed at which a disease spreads, was however low.

It continued to fall over the period of June 3-9, despite an increase at the infection rate.

ISS reported that the percentage of patients with HIV in intensive care units fell to 2.3%, compared to 2.3 percent a week prior.

Only two of the 21 Italian regions are considered to be at low risk. Two others are moderately risk.

Italy had just over 620,000 Covid-19 cases as of Friday, which is the lowest figure since December 28, 2021.

The country had approximately 2.8 million cases at the height of the pandemic.

On Friday, around 21500 infections were reported, 200 more than the day before.

In the meantime, 52 Covid-related deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours.

Mario Draghi, Italy’s prime Minister, has blocked a transfer technology.
Spot is a friendly yellow-and-black remote controlled creature with a gait that looks like a dog and an insect, all wrapped up in a robot body.

Spot’s current mission in Pompeii is inspecting the ruins and collecting data to alert his handlers of safety and structural issues.

Gabriel Zuchtriegel (general director Pompeii) stated to AFP that there are “particularly underground structures, where safety conditions won’t allow staff to enter, like in the park’s many narrow and dangerous tunnels.”

His work includes the survey of tunnels excavated in clandestine excavations. Zuchtriegel stated that this still takes place in the region.

The archaeological site preserves the remains from the wealthy ancient city of Naples. It is spread over 44 hectares (109 acres) and was buried in ash by the nearby Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD.

Spot, a 70-kg (154-pound) dog that is approximately the same size as a Golden Retriever, can be controlled remotely using a tablet. It’s better than humans to survey specific areas of the park.

Boston Dynamics, a US-based robotics company, made the robot. According to the company’s website, Spot can be used in a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and manufacturing. It can also perform inspections and capture data.

Valerio Brunelli (business developer at Leica Geosystem), who controls Spot in Pompeii this week, was the man in charge of this week’s spot. He accompanies his robot on its rounds with a 3D flying scanner that looks like a drone.

Brunelli made Spot bow to the crowd.

Brunelli stated that Spot is a combination of technology which makes it able to explore very complex places such as these.

“It’s an exciting leap into the future for this park that has been around for over a thousand years.”

The robot can be used as a trial and has a $75,000 cost.

Director Zuchtriegel stated that a decision was not made on whether to purchase Spot, but that the rapid changes in the technology industry made it difficult to make expensive, high-tech purchases.

“People are always needed so there won’t be a robot canine to guard the Pompeii site. This is not the goal.

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