EToken – Trading Track Still Accounts for Most of the Share of Crypto Market

What are the hot tracks for 2022? DAO, GameFi, and NFT seem to have a three-pronged posture, which is mostly led by the heat of capital speculation. Star projects of the DAO track such as $PEOPLE\ $SOS, AXIES in GameFI, the key factor of them that left unchanged is that all tokens of these projects have to be traded by Token, gaining the circulation in the secondary market to attract the attention of players, no matter how the hot spot is updated and replaced, so at to get god liquidity. to provide support for the ecological construction of the project and community consensus.

As decentralized exchange continues to heat up, the trading pool represented by Uniswap\sushi has become a gathering place for users to trade crypto assets. The DEX platform, deployed on the Ethereum chain, is based on a “constant product automated market-making” model: reserve pool model, on-chain matchmaking, and on-chain settling, and facilitates automatic exchange transactions between ETH and ERC20 token digital assets. Compared with centralized exchanges, users can exchange and trade assets through decentralized trading channels, which is convenient and quick.

This also allows many people in the industry to see the possibility of trading tracking and future market value. Relying on the strong smart contracts of Ethereum, the ecological mobility, and blueprint architecture of ERC20, the crypto market value will have new breakthroughs in the next 5 years.

The user group that holds crypto assets will further expand along with the heat of the market. For long-term holders, crypto-asset management has become something worthy of serious consideration.

Recently, EToken, as a comprehensive digital asset financial management service platform, launched the financial management function of crypto assets. Regular financial management is a currency value-added product created by ETOKEN that has no limitation on deposit and withdrawal, with daily interest. Users can transfer the assets into the balance to enjoy the benefits. Relying on the strict risk control system of ETOKEN, fully protect the safety of user assets so that users can enjoy the benefits at ease.

The type of product includes BTC\ ETH\ FIL\ USDT\ DCC and other currencies, the maximum annualized value can reach 17.75%, which ensures the stable appreciation of the user’s assets to the greatest extent. EToken carries out strategic arbitrage combined with the advantages of third-party professional quantitative team and fund team so that the users’ assets can increase steadily.

In the future, EToken will become fully open-source, decentralized, and completely achieve community autonomy; As the wallet application of the DCFS public chain, it will realize the complete multi-chain asset interoperability in the 3.0 phase, and solve user’s asset management needs; EToken aspires to become the world’s most popular crypto asset management platform, providing users with low rates, high stability, a full range of value-added services. In EToken, you can experience rich financial services and diversified innovative products, EToken will continue to escort users’ crypto assets.

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