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Ethernet Switch Market Latest Trends, Regional Insights – 2027

Ethernet Switch Market

To construct a network, most businesses utilize a switch to link computers, printers, servers, and other devices within a building or campus. The switch is a low-cost solution that boosts corporate efficiency by distributing resources and exchanging data across a company’s network. Due to the rising demand for Ethernet switches in the manufacturing industry, the global Ethernet switch market is predicted to surpass US$ 5 billion in 2015 and grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period.

In addition, due to macroeconomic trends and mature IT architectures, IT decision-makers have been expanding their investment in Ethernet infrastructure over the last several years, which has boosted demand for Ethernet switches throughout the world.

Market Dynamics for Ethernet Switches in the World

As the need for bandwidth and fast data speeds grows in tandem with the growing number of internet users throughout the world, the Ethernet switch market is likely to develop at a healthy rate over the forecast period.

Due to severe competition in the worldwide Ethernet switch market, providers are focusing more on targeting markets with cost-effective and sophisticated technology, while major vendors are developing new terabit networking, which includes terabit routing and switching.

Increased digital data traffic across existing networks and the rapidly increasing need for bandwidth, the rising market of data centers, and increased cloud storage use by various enterprises are some of the key forces that are propelling the global Ethernet switch market ahead.

Overview of the Global Ethernet Switch Market

In the traditional networking supply chain, contract manufacturers provided cost-effective manufacturing supply to OEMs, and these products were rebranded by OEMs with high gross margins and then reached end users through distributors or resellers, whereas in the new networking supply chain, original design manufacturers supply these products to OEMs or directly to end-users.

Players to Watch

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., Allied Telesis, Inc., Linksys, TP-Link, Juniper Networks, TRENDnet, Inc., Hewlett-Packard, D-Link Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., NETGEAR Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., and others are some of the prominent competitors in the worldwide Ethernet switch industry.

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