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Ether Legends – A Next Generation Trading Card Game and Gaming Platform coming to the Ethereum Blockchain!

The Ether Legends and Elementeum token ICO are set to start February 15th, in multiple phases lasting 49 days.

Elementeum Games, LLC has created a trading card game “Ether Legends” with a limitless gaming platform worthy of a closer look. Ether Legends takes all of the great things about physical and digital collectible trading card games with a their own twist and combines them in the blockchain for a true, next level user experience.

You can play Ether Legends as a physical collectible trading card game with friends and family. Coupled with rarity and one of a kind, astounding artwork, Ether Legends trading cards add value for players that want to collect, and find uniqueness in each and every card.

Ether Legends takes it a step further to allow redemption of physical trading cards to the Blockchain using a unique QR Code located on the back of the trading card. The gaming platform takes the physical trading card attributes and transforms them into player held assets, bringing them in to the digital world, stored and viewable in your digital wallet.

With the addition of the Ether Legends gaming platform integrating Blockchain technology, the digital trading cards are unique, owned by the player for them to decide whether to use the card in digital game play, trade or sell the digital card at their leisure through the online marketplace. This decentralized model is much different than the current trading card games that own all of your data on centralized servers where you have limited rights to your digital content.

You don’t have to own physical trading cards to gain access to digital game play or the marketplace, although this option makes for a great feature for those who collect and play.

Ether Legends designed this game with Blockchain in mind. Digital game play, exchange of digital assets and rewards are governed by smart contracts autonomously which eliminate the need for a 3rd party processor, reducing overhead costs and giving the power to the players.

CryptoKitties for example is a great use of a self-governing game using blockchain technology. Ether Legends extends beyond a marketplace into actual competitive matches and strategic game play. You choose your 3 best champions versus an opponent’s 3 best champions and you fight it out in the arena until there is one left standing. Each of the champions has abilities of strength depending on their class, elemental type and special attributes. Endless levels of strategic depth exist for those who want more out of the game.
Participating in competitive matches, players can earn digital rewards such as Elementeum (the platform Token), digital cards, digital skins, digital items and experience, also a stand-alone digital asset. For more information, we invite you to read our white paper located at

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