Ether Cards NFT Platform Rewards Early Users With Dust Tokens Worth $10.6 million

The early users of the Ether Cards NFT platform are in for a good treat as the platform begins distribution of free Dust tokens to them. Every Ether Cardholder has already received and will continue to be rewarded with $Dust tokens. Ether Cards NFT platform has been one of the leading dynamic NFT platforms. Its underlying technology has brought real-world utility to the creation of non-fungible tokens of Mike Tyson, LaMelo Ball, and Steve Aoki.

The team has announced the reward of early users with 27 million Dust tokens. The tokens will be available to the entire Ether Cards collection, which is made up of 10,000 unique NFTs.

Details of the Airdropped 27 Million Dust Tokens

The 27 million Dust tokens airdrop shows the significance of the Ether Cards NFT platform to the entire Dynamic NFT space. The 27 million airdropped tokens can be exchanged for 27 CryptoPunks. It already started on October 8, 2021. This will make it one of the largest airdrops so far in 2021. According to DappRadar, an NFT price estimation platform, the 27 CryptoPunks are worth an estimated $10.6 million. Anyone can view the CryptoPunk pool on the website of Larva Labs.

The Dust token airdrop helps the Ether Cards platform to prepare for the launch of its NFT self-serve platform. The NFT self-serve platform will help celebrities, creators, public figures, brands, etc, to create, launch, and manage dynamic non-fungible tokens, grow, and monetize their communities.

In the words of Andras Kristof, the CEO and founder of Ether Cards, “The Dust token drop and CryptoPunks giveaway are a way for us to give back to our Ether Cards community so that they can enjoy even more benefits as dedicated users of the platform. We are excited to continue to bring these exclusive opportunities to our own cardholders as well as the wider Ether Card community.” According to OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, the Ether Cards secondary market sales volume hit over $9.4 million. Steve Aoki is one of the most notable holders of the OG Ether Card #99 which he obtained for 49 ETH.

The Dust tokens across the entire ecosystem can be used to reserve non-fungible tokens that are issued on the Ether Cards’ platform before other buyers. The airdrop rewards Ether Cards holders as well as users of the platform by allowing them access to bigger benefits the longer they hold onto the Dust tokens. The CryptoPunks giveaway has made Ether Cards initiate the distribution of many other non-fungible tokens such as 25 Mike Tyson NFTs, 250 Founder Cards, 30 Meebits, and 50 Alpha.

There are 10,000 dynamic NFT membership cards contained within the Ether Cards Collection. These cards give exclusive benefits to the Ether Cards Platform and the wider ecosystem. The benefits include fee discounts and waivers, access to an active community, early access and discounts to partner NFT drops, free NFTs, gamified bonuses, and Dust collection.

About the Ether Cards Platform

The platform is a community-driven NFT platform that helps creators to maximize the value of their non-fungible token assets. This is done by expanding the capability of the NFT marketplace. The platform allows anyone to create events, puzzles, bounties, and a series of other different utilities for any NFT asset they desire. The ether Cards platform is a fully integrated ecosystem made up of “the platform” and the “Ether Cards.”

It is an NFT monetization and gamification platform connecting real-utility to the digital space. Ether Cards enables celebrities, brands, etc., to connect with their communities in a very engaging and unique manner while at the same time creating new monetization channels. The founding team members are industry veterans who have been part of notable projects like the Ethereum Foundation and Chainlink.

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