Eternalight Reviews – Is EternaLight Bulb Legit or Scam?

Can you tell me more about the Original Defence EternaLight Bulb?

Individuals seek out cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions for their homes for a compelling reason: these lighting options reduce electricity costs while simultaneously addressing the issue of non-renewable energy sources.

There is a compelling reason why individuals seek out these lighting solutions for their homes. Roughly ninety percent of the world’s energy comes from sources that do not replenish themselves.

EternaLights are currently available in home improvement and hardware stores, which is a testament to their rising popularity and the fact that they are by far the most energy-efficient lights currently available on the market. Regrettably, a great number of people are still baffled by these cutting-edge light bulbs as a result of the fact that their operation is radically dissimilar to that of conventional light bulbs.

How does EternaLight work?

If you have Eternalight bulbs, you’ll be prepared for the next time the power goes out. There is no longer any need for you to be concerned or to search every drawer in your kitchen for a candle or a flashlight.

The Eternalight functions in precisely the same manner as a conventional light bulb would. You can take it out of the socket and use it as a flashlight, which is an additional perk that comes with it.

How do EternaLight bulbs differ from traditional bulbs?

During a power outage, storm, or hurricane, having a light bulb equipped with EternaLight, which has a backup power source that switches on automatically in the event of a loss of electricity, is absolutely necessary. There is no need for flashlights or candles at this time. On a single charge, the Eternalight is capable of delivering up to 8 hours’ worth of light. A solar power system can be used to charge the Eternalight bulb in the event that there is a power outage.

Is there a problem with the power? It’s not an issue. Because it has its own battery, the EternaLight can provide illumination to every room in your home for up to six hours at a time.

Being the owner of an EternaLight is analogous to being the owner of an expensive emergency generator, except without the cords, hassles, and hefty price tag.

EternaLight can either be hung outside during the day like a traditional light bulb or plugged in like a standard light bulb; in either case, it will begin charging itself immediately.

The EternaLight has a lifespan that is greater than 50,000 hours when it is used continuously. That’s eight times longer than a standard light bulb.

Because of its solar charging technology, the Eternalight is an excellent choice for use while camping or traveling. You won’t have to worry about power outlets or batteries ever again thanks to this advancement. In addition, it comes with a hook, so it can be hung up to serve as a work light, illuminate a campsite, or decorate a backyard.

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Characteristics of the EternaLight System

Eternalight is equipped with three solar panels for speedier charging. The internal battery will charge whenever it is put through normal use or when it is exposed to light.

Applications have broadened as a result of both the increased intensity and the decreased cost. The light-emitting diode (LED) is constructed using a pair of leads as well as a plastic body that is wrapped around the LEDs and the semiconductor. This configuration enables light to be emitted through the bulb plastic. The vast majority of LED light bulbs, on the other hand, have a circular shape that attempts to concentrate the light in a single axis. A typical LED light bulb is not sensitive to changes in voltage and does not need to be maintained over time.

  • LEDs made by Nichia, including four LEDs that are a brilliant white (or LED colour combinations).
  • In general, the lifespan of an LED light bulb is anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours or even longer.
  • As the battery power is depleted, the bright white light does not become yellow.
  • A microprocessor can function in a wide variety of distinct modes of operation.
  • Displays that can flash and strobe at a rate that can be adjusted are included in all versions.
  • The microprocessor is responsible for managing the loss of energy and prolonging the life of the battery.
  • AA batteries are not only inexpensive, but they also provide anywhere from 500 to 700 hours of operational time.

Where Can I Buy an EternaLight Bulb and How Do I Do It?

According to what the experts predict, the infrastructure of our nation is not capable of managing an increasing number of power outages.

You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that even when the rest of the lights in the neighborhood are off, your house is lit up like a Christmas tree, and thousands of satisfied customers can’t all be wrong.

The Eternalight is not available for purchase in retail stores; rather, it is sold to individual customers through a direct sales model and is only made available online.

To assist you in saving even more money, the company is currently offering a discount of up to 70% if you buy multiple Eternalights as well as a discount of up to 50% if you buy the first one.

You can protect your loved ones while also contributing to the preservation of the environment for your offspring and grandchildren for a cost that is less than the cost of a gallon of gasoline.

Because of recent coverage on local news stations across the country, the EternaLight company is unable to guarantee the discount; therefore, you should click the link and take advantage of it while you still have the chance.

Is EternaLight Legit & Safe?

Absolutely. They perform the same functions as traditional light bulbs, but use only a fifth of the amount of energy. Oh, and their lifespan is increased by a factor of eight. There is only one obvious option.

In the event of a crisis, your EternaLight will automatically turn on, preventing you from being confined to the darkness and serving as a source of illumination.

Investing in Original Defense’s EternaLight is a good idea for anyone who wants to give their families a better sense of safety during power outages and other types of emergency situations.

How much does it cost to purchase an EternaLight?

Original Defense EternaLight is a brand of emergency solar rechargeable light bulbs that can be used in the event of a power failure. These light bulbs are portable and powered by solar energy. Functionally Equivalent To A Conventional Light Bulb,

The price of one EternaLight Emergency Light Bulb has decreased to $31.00 from the previous price of $39.95. (You saved 22%) + Shipping: $8.52

You have saved sixty percent off the original price of this set of four EternaLight Emergency Light Bulbs, which was $159.80, and you will receive FREE SHIPPING.

Current price for 8 EternaLight Emergency Light Bulbs is $104.00, down from the previous price of $319.60 (a savings of 67%), and shipping is FREE.

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No matter what is going on outside, you always keep all of the lights in your house turned on.

When the power goes out, there is an ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE that your lights will still be on.

Your patio, living room, bedroom, and possibly even your garage will all continue to have their lights on.

Why? mainly due to the fact that you are well-prepared and have EternaLight. To Purchase an EternaLight Bulb Right Away from the Manufacturer’s Official Website, Click Here.


How long does it take for a solar charge to completely replenish a battery?

Solar power can take up to 8 hours to fully charge a device to capacity. It takes about four hours to completely charge something using direct current in a fixture.

When it comes to battery backup, how many hours does it provide? Is there any indication that it is charging at all?

Even with the power out, the light from the bulb will remain on for between four and six hours. There is no indication that charging has occurred.

Is the hanger a part of the package? Where can I find a replacement “hook” in the event that I misplace the one that came with the product?

Each and every purchase of a bulb will come with its own screw-on hanging hook. Hooks are not available for purchase separately.

How many light bulbs are included in one package?

Each EternaLight package comes with one bulb already installed.

Can you tell me what kind of voltage this light bulb operates on?

The EternaLight works with voltages up to 120V.

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