Etcetera: Making Cryptocurrencies More Accessible.

Cryptocurrencies have more or less taken the world by storm. In spite of this, a good number of people are not clear on the technicalities surrounding these assets and have no access to them. This is why Etcetera is very kin on Making Cryptocurrencies More Accessible.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies with values that have grown exponentially in a short while and which ensure transparency and security in their distribution while eliminating the need for third parties like banks etc. in transactions. They may not be so easy to obtain presently, but that is about to change.

Etcetera is a platform that enables the average person to access cryptocurrencies, quite easily. The way Etcetera works is by issuing tangible cryptocurrency wallets in the form of a gift card called the Etcetera card. Etcetera card will be made available across the world in major stores for over-the-counter purchase, much like buying a pack of gum. It will contain a unique private key, public wallet address and QR-code hidden by a film that can be scratched off. Also, the cards which are empty wallets already linked to the Etcetera blockchain will be useful for purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Etcetera tokens. The cards will come with a manual to address the lack of cryptocurrency expertise that most people suffer.

The goal of the platform is to drive the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency because of its immense benefits and applicability to diverse industries. It will also keep the users updated on how to manage their funds, buy, sell or use cryptocurrencies for payment through constant tutorials, apps, and other tools.

Etcetera Token (ERA)

Etcetera Token is an ERC20 Ethereum-based token that will be used for all transactions on the Etcetera platform. The token is to serve as an intermediary for the Etcetera API that activates the Etcetera cards.

Buying the Etcetera card means the customer automatically buys the tokens and they will be deposited in the wallet address as contained on the card. The value of the ERA is projected to grow steadily due to the offline demand for Etcetera cards. Each token is valued at 1150 ERA/ETH.

Etcetera Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The tokens are being offered solely during the ICO. The ICO is geared towards raising funds needed for actualizing the goals of the team.

Out of the total supply of 30 million ERA, 27 million are to be sold during the ICO. 750,000 ERA will go to the team, 500,000 ERA to the stakeholders, 750,000 for bounties and 1 million to operational reserves (for transactions on the platform). Any tokens left after the ICO will be destroyed.

The ICO is already live and will end March 15, 2018. Meanwhile, the funds realized will be used thus:

  •    Reserves- 45%
  •    R&D- 5%
  •    Operations- 25%
  •    Legal- 5%
  •    Marketing- 20%

Etcetera does not only promise to make cryptocurrencies accessible; it equally promises to reduce technical difficulties and educate people on the rudiments of cryptocurrencies with zero hassle.

For more information on how Etcetera is Making Cryptocurrencies More Accessible, visit the website;

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