Etcetera: Buying Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies in Local Stores Worldwide

Buying cryptocurrencies is often complicated and troublesome at first sight because of new processes and identifications that need to be handled. However, this is will change sooner than many of us might expect, thanks to Etcetera for providing the world with an easier way to buy cryptocurrency than ever before. Etcetera is planning on initiating a modern way for physical crypto wallets that will be sold on local stores and will be credited with crypto coins like Bitcoin or Ether.

 According to the founders of this project, this is  needed so that cryptocurrencies may become more popular and accepted worldwide, the difficulty for entry into the market and the overall crypto world must be lowered considerably. As mentioned in the introduction, buying Bitcoin can be perceived as a daunting task for even the most experienced traders and investors. That is in no small way due to how different it is to trade cryptocurrencies when compared to regular stock or even FOREX. And this is without touching upon the subject of volatility and the variety of coin types and offers.

 No, what makes cryptocurrencies so intimidating is all the steps needed to be taken before being able to start buying them: acquiring a digital wallet, setting up an account, choosing and learning to use an exchange, and many other tasks. The creators of Etcetera took note of this and set out to create a more comfortable way for people to take part in the development of the crypto economy without stepping too much outside of their comfort zone.

  In short, they have managed to simplify crypto investing to the equivalent of buying a gift card. People will be able to just walk into a store and walk out with their newly-acquired Bitcoin or Ether.

   How will Etcetera achieve this?

What is necessary to understand about Etcetera is that they are not a virtual wallet, an exchange, not even a new blockchain-based platform for trades or services. No, Etcetera is a company that will develop physical cards that will be credited with cryptocurrencies whose sale will be recorded for them to be “charged” with the desired amount of the desired cryptocurrency.

 While Etcetera is launching an ICO to raise funds, the capital will be used for the worldwide distribution of their cards and to serve as a reserve for crediting said cards. This is fascinating because all they need is to distribute their assets. What it means is that all of the infrastructures, systems, and required channels for selling their product have already been created and established, making this project “ready for shipping”. What it could create is a significant change in how cryptocurrencies are traded and even alter the balance and centralisation of brokers in the crypto market due to how comfortable it will be to buy crypto coins after its launch.

 The crypto market has already grown to levels beyond the imagination of many of the most enthusiast investors, and so it has proved to be prepared for further improvements and evolution, which is what Etcetera plans to do.

The ICO for Etcetera starts Feb 1, 2018 @ 9am UTC and ends Mar 15, 2018 @ 9am UTC. The ICO is live now, buy the token here –

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