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Esteemed Scholar and Professor Dr. Rajat K. Baisya Unveils Advanced Certificate Program in Knowledge and Innovation Management

Professor Dr. Rajat K. Baisya

The business world today demands innovation and strategic agility. Rising to this challenge is the Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) Advanced Certificate Program, led by Dr. Rajat K. Baisya, a renowned business consultant and academician. This program is tailored to equip professionals with the tools and mindset needed for success in the dynamic business landscape.

Expert Faculty

Dr. Baisya is joined by:

  • Alex Bennet, former Chief Knowledge Officer for the U.S. Department of the Navy.
  • Art Murray, a specialist in human-machine learning integration.
  • Arthur Shelley, offering a blend of corporate and academic experience.
  • John Lewis, focusing on leadership, innovation, and KM.

Who Should Attend?

The program welcomes Graduate Engineers and/or Management Graduates with 2+ years of experience, including academicians, trainers, consultants, and business professionals.

Program Overview

  • Duration: 6 months, starting March 2024.
  • Mode of Delivery: Online with interactive weekend sessions.
  • Assessment: Comprehensive, including assignments, exams, and an oral test.

Learning Journey

Participants will engage with key texts, including “Reblooming the Knowledge Movement,” “INside INnovation,” and “Innovative Creativity.”

The KIM Advanced Certificate Program

This program offers an immersive experience in knowledge and creativity enhancement. Key learning outcomes include:

  • Familiarity with the premier Knowledge Reblooming model.
  • Understanding of resonance and coherence in workforce engagement.
  • Designing appropriate knowledge management infrastructure.
  • Systems thinking for managing complexity in the knowledge economy.
  • Techniques to foster creative imagination and innovation.
  • Tools and processes for accelerating innovation.
  • Identifying success measures and challenges in the innovation cycle.
  • Skills in capturing, transferring, and managing human and machine knowledge.
  • Leveraging emotional energy and cognitive diversity in business.


Enrollment is currently open. Under the guidance of Dr. Baisya and his team, the KIM Advanced Certificate Program is more than an educational course; it’s a transformative experience, preparing participants to face and shape the future of business. This program not only imparts knowledge but also molds participants into leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Enrollment and additional details can be found on

The KIM Advanced Certificate Program also places a significant emphasis on practical, real-world applications of its teachings. Participants will engage in case studies, group projects, and interactive simulations that mirror contemporary business scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that learners not only understand theoretical concepts but also know how to apply them effectively in their professional lives. Additionally, the program offers networking opportunities with peers and industry experts, providing a platform for building valuable professional relationships and exchanging ideas. These interactions are designed to enrich the learning experience, allowing participants to gain diverse perspectives and insights into the current trends and challenges in the business world.

Furthermore, the program is backed by a robust digital learning platform, ensuring seamless access to resources and learning materials. This platform acts as a hub for collaboration, discussion, and feedback, fostering a community of continuous learning and improvement. Participants will have access to a vast library of digital content, including lectures, webinars, and interactive modules, which they can utilize to deepen their understanding and stay updated with the latest developments in the field. The KIM Advanced Certificate Program is more than just a certificate course; it is a journey towards becoming a visionary in the realm of knowledge and innovation management, well-equipped to navigate and lead in the ever-evolving landscape of the global business environment.

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